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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Various, iss.191,2010-12-16.
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[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Various.

! For instrument shops and builders see "Instruments" !

For more info about dancing see: Folk Dancing in the Netherlands, written by Donna Richoux.

Film Makers.

Jaap Mees:
Independent film maker with films and DVDs about trad. Irish music.
Also ditributed by http://www.lychee-films.com in Gent.
[iss.188,2008-07-14][2008-04-11 J.Mees]

Recording Studios.

Stringsman Productions:
Address: Peter Rechsteiner, Het Eiland 6, 1693BW Wervershoof.
Tel.: 0228-585546.
Mobile tel.: 06-53164109.
E-mail: p.rechsteiner@quicknet.nl
Mostly acoustic music, also on location, larger project in cooprporation with Oterleek Recording in Alkmaar, also arranging music, composing and playing various instruments.
[iss.188,2008-07-14][2008-02-20 Peter.R]

Terry Gordon:
Address: Gelderland.
E-mail: studio@terrygordon.nl
Professional singer songwriter performer and owner of a recording studio, specialised in recording folk music and acoustic instruments.
[iss.188,2008-07-14][2008-02-04 Terry]


Revalidatie Friesland:
Rehabilitation centre specialised in musical injuries.
See: Behandeling van Muziekblessures.
Tel: 0512-389368
E-mail: k.h.woldendorp@revalidatie-friesland.nl
[iss.184,2007-05-08][2007-05-04 K.H.Woldendorp]

Shops and Record Companies.

Broekmans en van Poppel:
Music bookshop (You can order music from Ireland).
Address: Van Baerlestraat 92-94, 1071BB Amsterdam.
Tel.: 020-6796575/6597270.
E-mail: music@broekmans.com

The Celtic Shop:
This (postorder) shop of Celtic CDs and music books, bodhráns, tin whistles and other Irish goods, also organises a few times a year Irish concerts and annually the IRISH FOLKFESTIVAL in Bergen op Zoom.
Address: Steenbergsestraat 9, 4611TC Bergen op Zoom,
Postbus 480, 4600AL Bergen op Zoom.
Tel.: 0164-238730.
E-mail: celtshop@concepts.nl

CD and second-hand LP shop with a relatively considerable amount of Celtic music.
Address: Utrechtsestraat 52-60, 1017VP Amsterdam.
Tel.: 020-6266577/6245467.

Fame Music:
CD shop with a relatively considerable amount of Celtic music.
Address: Kalverstraat 2-4, 1012PC Amsterdam.
Tel.: 020-6382525
E-mail: info@fame.nl

CD shop of traditional & contemporary Celtic Music (on-line and markets/festivals)
E-mail: info@gaelforce.nl
[www 2009-11-16][iss.189,2009-12-09]

Music & Words:
Record company and importer.
Address: postbus 1160, 3430 BD Nieuwegein, tel.: 030-6067674.

Pan Records:
CDs of among others Chris Parkinson, John Skelton, Roy Gullane (and a lot of non-Celtic groups).
Adress: Hommelveld 20, 2318 VC Leiden
Tel.: 06-51827188, 071-5219479
E-mail: info@panrecords.nl
[2009-07-11 Kleikamp][iss.189,2009-12-09]

PLATO Den Haag:
Postorder of records via Internet.

Roots Mail Music:
CD (postorder) shop with a lot of Celtic music. Also music books, videos, etc.
Address: Van Goorstraat 4, 4811HJ Breda.
Tel.: 076-5222235.
E-mail: roots.mailmusic@inter.nl.net
[iss.162,2004-04-21][2004-04-21 ad in NfS]


[The Claddagh] The Claddagh News:
See "Organisations" - "The Claddagh".

Le Chéile:
See "Organisations" - "The Irish Club - Netherlands".

Bimonthly Dutch magazine about folk, roots, world and related music, including agenda with concerts in Nederland and België.
Address: NEWfolkSOUNDS, Postbus 1022, 4388ZG Oost-Souburg.
Tel.: 0118-462377.
E-mail: info@newfolksounds.nl
[iss.137,2002-08-08][2002-08-09 NfS]

Amsterdamse Folkagenda:
See "Folkclubs & Folk Locations" - "Stichting Mokum Folk".

De Troubadour:
See "Folkclubs & Folk Locations" - "De Lantaern".

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