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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Tunes & Songs, iss.28,2011-01-19.
On this page: [NL]Nederland] [Planeth Earth]Earth]

[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Tunes & Songs.

This page is intended especially for sources from Nederland [NL].
Via this page you can give publicity to your transcriptions and compositions.

An overview page about tunes and songs (printed and electronic) for Planet Earth can be found in: Ceolas.
In the chapter "Earth" [Planet Earth] you will find only a small and W I L D collection of links to other countries.

The main overview page about tunes in ABC-notation can be found in abc notation home page.
The ABC-notation is a simple and compact format, much used and especially made for traditional music.
It can be read both by people and by computers.
It can also be used for discussing tunes via e-mail.
An explanation about the ABC-notation and available software can also be found there and it contains also a WWW-wide index of abc tunes!!
A very simple and handy program for transposing tunes in ABC can be found here.

Joop Coolegem from Heiloo [NL] made a shell program, that is using among others abc2ps, a text editor and Gsview to convert ABC into music notation in PDF (for easy viewing and printing), to transpose it and to play it.
It is also able to show the fingering for melodeons in C/F (with turned 5th key on the inner row), G/C and D/G, fingering for tin whistles in D, G and Bb and for chords on the guitar.
Click here for a complete software package.

See also: JC's ABC tune finder with also on-line translation of abc to graphical tadpoles or MIDI-formats by John Chambers (so you do not need ABC-translation software to be able to play a tune).

[NL] Sources from Nederland.

Tune composed by Hans den Bezemer
Hans plays in Garlic.
Shannon jig (MIDI file, 19 kbytes).

The Sailor's Bonnet
40 Irish tunes, by Guy Roelofs, 1991, published by Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland

The Scholar
50 Irish tunes collected by Guy Roelofs, 1992, published by Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland,
ISBN 90 74434 01 0.

Fiddler's Manuscript of Wieger Michiels Visser
1817-1821, by Wieger Michiels Visser (1801-1886) from Oosterzee in Friesland.
This manuscript contains a lot of Celtic and Celtic related tunes used for folkdancing in Friesland.
The original can be found in Proviciale Bibliotheek Leeuwarden (provincial library of Leeuwarden). Scans of the original manuscript can be found here!

Fiddler's Manuscript of Andries Kiers
1864, by (or for) Andries Kiers (1851-?) from Friesland.
This manuscript contains some Celtic and Celtic related tunes used for folkdancing in Friesland.
The original can be found in Proviciale Bibliotheek Leeuwarden (provincial library of Leeuwarden). Scans of the original manuscript can be found here!

De Manuscripten
Website about old manuscripts like that of Kiers and Visser.
[iss.28,2011-01-19][Thanks!! to Andrys Stienstra 2009-04-25 for the links to the (scans of the) manuscripts]

Two dance collections from Friesland and their Scotch, English and continental connections
by Joan Rimmer (from U.S.A.), published by Frysk Ynstitut oan de ryksuniversiteit to Grins (Frisian institution of the university of Groningen), Groningen, 1978.
It is available in the library of Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, see RUG - Bibliotheken en Catalogi.
This is a thesis about the similarity of the folkdance music of Friesland in the 19th century and the folkdance music of the other side of the North Sea.
This thesis contains also photographs of the complete Fiddler's Manuscripts of Wieger Michiels Visser and Andries Kiers.

Het Vioolboek van Wieger Michiels Visser
rewritten copy of fiddler's manuscript of Wieger Michiels Visser, rewritten by B.Lotz and J.Lookman, published by Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland, about 1985.

Het Muziekboek van Kiers
rewritten copy of fiddler's manuscript of Andries Kiers, rewritten by Anneke Goudkuil for C/F-melodeon, transcribed from D/G to C/F :-(, published by Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland, 1999.

Muzijkstukken, Jacob Pieters Beukema
rewritten + photografic copy of dance music manuscript of Jacob Pieters Beukema (1782-1859) from Leens in Groningen, ca.1845, rewritten and published by Grunniger Folkmusic group Törf, 1998, ISBN 90-9011746-6.
This manuscript contains a lot of Celtic related tunes used for folkdancing in the province of Groningen, Nederland.
Törf also made a CD, called "Törf Speult Beukema".
The Törf homepage also contains an example of a tune as gif-file.

Atlantic Fringe
"Fiddletunes" rond de Atlantic uit het Repertoire van de East-West Stringband en Slip-Jig Stringband, written by Jack Schroevers, published by "Oosterkampen" Muziek-Werkplaats, Hartweg 17, 1733EW Nieuwe-Niedorp, Nederland, 3th edition, 1997.
It contains traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Shetland and North-America, transcribed from tapes collected in the last 25 years from young, old and very old musicians from these countries.
Info: Jack Schroevers, e-mail: jackschr@wxs.nl, but Jack died on 2009-05-20

[Planeth Earth] Some Sources from Planet Earth.

The Session
Tunes in ABC-notation and translated into graphical tadpoles format sent by members With comments, backgrounds and discussions about the tunes. A kind of on-line session. You can ask questions about the versions, etc.

O'Neill in ABC
The collections of Capt.Francis O'Neill (~1900) transcribed in ABC-notation.

Digital Tradition folk Song Database. (via Mudcat Café)
This database contains words and music of thousands of folk songs (Irish, English, Scottish, Australian traditional and related music).
Tunes of a lot of these songs can be found here.

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