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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - More Events, [iss.719,2011-02-07].
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Events, that do not need to be listed in other subpages, like tours of visiting Celtic musicians and dancers, musicians meetings and incidental events in Nederland.
[NL] Evenementen, die niet vermeld behoeven te staan in de andere subpagina's, zoals tours van bezoekende Keltische muzikanten en dansers, muzikantentreffens en incidentele evenementen in Nederland.


Agenda items Agenda of all Big Irish Dance Shows:
Listed in The Celtic Cafe:
Click "Tourdates" and Type for country "Netherlands" and press "Go!".
Or go there directly.
Thanks to the Celtic Cafe for the great listings!
[2009-01-17 wwwCelticCafe][iss.699,2009-01-17]

Musicians Meetings.

Great anual "Pinksterweekend" (Whit weekend, Pentecost) in and around the farm of Jack and Anneke Schroevers near Nieuwe-Niedorp (meeting) and in and near The Irish Cottage in Verlaat (Oude-Niedorp)(workshops).
It is continued after the dead of and in honour of fiddler, instrument builder and teacher Jack on 2009-05-20. His spirit will live-on.
Agenda items 2011-06-11/12/13, Programme:
Sat: Workshops for fiddlers (Cottage)
Sun: Workshops for fiddlers (Cottage)
Mon: Muzikantentreffen (Musicians meeting) with a lot of sessions (mostly Celtic incl. Old-time US)
    and square dancing (farm).
[iss.718,2011-01-24][2011-01-24 wwwPMF]

More Events.

Agenda items Agenda:
Sun 2011-02-20: 15:00-17:30 h, "IERSE Middag" with No Frontiers Buurtcentrum de Havelaar, Douwes Dekkerstraat 2, 1053SX Amsterdam, 020-6890711, k.buizer@combiwel.nl, reservation required, E 5,-.
Support act: Marian Ruhé.
Meal with Irish Stew 18:00 h (please reserve E 5,-).
[iss.719,2011-02-07][2011-02-06 Kees Buizer]

[The Claddagh] The Claddagh EvenementenKalender Agenda items:
[The Claddagh]
See also direct link to the Claddagh EvenementenKalender.
[iss.704,2009-10-24][2009-10-24 automatic wwwCladdagh]

with agenda Agenda items of all genres of folkmusic in Nederland and België.

[folkforum.nl] folkforum.nl:
with agenda Agenda items of all genres of folkmusic in Nederland and België.

[Balfolk!] Balfolk!:
with agenda Agenda items of "balfolks" (céilidhs with social West-European folkdancing) in Nederland.

[SVN] Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland:
with agenda Agenda items of all genres of folkmusic in Nederland.

with agenda Agenda items of all genres of folkmusic in Deutschland.

EuropeanIrish.com - Irish Music and Irish Dancing Info Links:
with agenda Agenda items of Irish music and dance in Europe.

ON STAGE - On Stage:
Agenda items General database system: people have to search for a group or for genre and place and time. Does not give complete agenda of genre. Choose genre = wereldmuziek; no choice for Celtic. With ticket service.
Subsites (among others): ON STAGE - Concert.nl and ON STAGE - Theater.nl

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