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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Sessions, [iss.743,2011-07-11].

[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Sessions. with agenda itemsPRIORITY Follow eltjodotorg on Twitter and receive breaking news about sessions! [#SessionAlert](BREAKING NEWS about sessions in Nederland).

Sessions in Nederland with "Celtic" music.
[NL] Sessies in Nederland met "Keltische" muziek (uit Ierland, Schotland, Bretagne etc.).

Please phone !!!!, if you want to be sure, because it is possible that a session is cancelled !!! or has a temporary stop. The author of this page cannot be held responsible for the correctness of input data.
In Summer there are Summer Stops and Extra Open-Air Sessions

If you want to receive BREAKING NEWS about sessions click on [#SessionAlert] #SessionAlert [#SessionAlert] (here or in Twitter)(and add it to your favourites bar) or follow me on Twitter.
Session organisers and musicians in Nederland are invited to send tweets with breaking news about sessions using the hashtag "#SessionAlert".

If you want to be kept informed by e-mail about the sessions in Nederland, then you can subscribe to the "Nederlandse Keltische Sessie Nieuwsbrief": send an email to eltjot@dds.nl with subject "Subscribe Nederlandse Keltische Sessie Nieuwsbrief".

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STOPPED!!!! O'Ceallaigh (Irish pub):
Gedempte Kattendiep 13, Groningen, tel.:050-3147694.
Agenda items "Trad. Irish Session", every Sunday 17:00-20:00 h STOPPED!!!
[iss.742,2011-06-20][2011-06-20 WWWoC]

Have a look here too for Sessions in southeast and central-east Nederland.

[The Session] The Session
Great Session Community Website with sessions on the entire Planet Earth [Planet Earth] (including Nederland), with comments and discussions by the members.
Also with listings of records and with tunes in ABC-notation sent by members with comments, backgrounds and discussions.

["Ierse sessies" on Hyves] Ierse sessies (Hyve)

Agenda items Agenda:

Sun 2011-04-03: Ierse Sessie, 15:00-17:30 h, Sally O'Briens, Bethlehemkerkplein 46, Zwolle
[iss.737,2011-03-14][2011-03-10 Ine van Loosdrecht]

Check also: [#SessionAlert](BREAKING NEWS about sessions in Nederland).

Some Sessions in Folkclubs after concerts and incidental:

Some Open Podia in Folkclubs and other Locations:

Muzikantentreffen (Musicians meeting) with a lot of sessions (mostly Celtic incl. Old-time US), farm of Jack and Anneke Schroevers near Nieuwe-Niedorp.
See Pinksterfeest.
Agenda items "Muzikantentreffen", Anual Whit Monday afternoon and evening: 2011-06-13.
[iss.733,2011-01-24][2011-01-24 wwwPMF etc]

Café Marktzicht:
Oudeweg 14, 9201AG Drachten, tel.:0512-516900
Agenda items "Ierse Sessie", once in 2 weeks on Wednesday, 20:00 h:
Wednesday 2011-07-06.
[iss.743,2011-07-11][2011-07-03 Ronald]

De Tregter:
Herenstraat 1, 2313AD Leiden, tel.:071-5121752
Agenda items "Trad. Celtic Session", every Tuesday of a week with an EVEN weeknumber, 20:30 h.
[iss.734,2011-02-01][2011-01-31 OttoVogel]

De Bospub:
Pannenkoekenrestaurant, Bosrand 18, 7991PA Dwingeloo, tel.:0521-597396.
Agenda items "Ierse Sessie", various Sundays 14:00-17:00 h.: 2011-02-06.
[iss.731,2011-01-16][2011-01-16 wwwBospub & IvL]

Moved!!! Café De Kletskop:
(was until December 2010 in Brazillian Restaurant "Rodizio.nl", which was until Summer 2009 Café - Tapas Bar "De Portugees" Zeedijk 28a, Amsterdam).
Zeedijk 10, Amsterdam, 020 6225728.
Agenda items "Samenspeelmiddag op de Zeedijk" organised by Stichting Mokum Folk (tel.:0252-503388) every 1st Sunday, 14:00-18:00 h.
This is an open session with all kinds of traditional and folk music (incl. Celtic)(it was previously in Portugees Restaurant & Bar "Lusitania", "De Meester" and in "De Mol"), see also Mokum Folk Samenspeelmiddag in the Portugees and Stichting Piet van Rees.
[iss.728,2010-12-10][2010-12-10 mail Jos & wwwMF]

Dorpshuis "De Bongerd":
Westendorpweg 10A, 9907PD Losdorp, tel.:020-6620345.
Agenda items "Muzieksessie", (Open Folk Sessie, sing-around) every 1st Saturday of the month, 20:00 h:
July, August: Summer STOP
[iss.740,2011-06-06][2011-05-30 Hilda en Harry]

Ceintuurbaan 181, Amsterdam, tel.:020-6620345.
Agenda items "Folkcafé", (Open Folk Sessie, sing-around) every Last Sunday of the month, 15:00 h.
Contactadress for session: The Whitby Catch
[iss.725,2010-11-24][2010-11-23 Arnold Hofmeester]

Kaffee Lambiek:
Wilhelminapark 66, Tilburg.
Agenda items "Folksessie rond de Stamtafel", (Irish, Flamish, Dutch, Klezmer, Balkan etc.) every 3rd Sunday of the month, 14:00 h.
Summer STOP: only in August
Contactadress for session: David Cornelissen: Diedeliedavid@kpnplanet.nl
[iss.743,2011-07-11][2011-06-24 David]

Gunnery's Irish Pub:
Verdronken Oord 123a (near Plattestenen Brug), 1811BD Alkmaar, tel.:072-5209148, info@gunnerys.nl (Sharon).
Agenda items "Open Irish Jam Session", every 4th Sunday of the month, 16:00 h.
Not in April
In May on the 5th Sunday: 2011-05-29
June, July, August, September: Summer STOP

[iss.739,2011-04-11][2011-04-05 Gunnery's]
Please look at www to be sure, because departures can happen.
Bands are invited to play a little gig 16:00-17:00 h and then initiate the session (mail info@gunnerys.nl).
[iss.729,2011-01-04][2010-12-24 Gunnery's]

Du Passage:
(previously in Het Moddermannetje and Maguire's)
Scharlo 1, Alkmaar.
Agenda items "Irish Tunes Session" (a few songs in between are welcome),
every 2nd Sunday of the month, 15:00-~19:00 h.
But in June 2011 it is on the 3rd Sunday: 2011-06-19.
This Session continued after the death of fiddler Jack Schroevers on 2009-05-20. His spirit will live-on.
Contact person for session: Loes Bakker, loesbakker@gmail.com, 06-15364163.
See also Sessies at Pinksterfeest Website. [iss.740,2011-06-06][2011-06-02 Loes]

BosCafe Merlijn:
Grafwegener Strasse 32, 47559 Grafwegen, Deutschland, tel.:+31655844211 (close to Dutch border near Nijmegen).
Agenda items "Irish Jam Session", every last Sunday of the month, 14:30 h.
[iss.708,2009-11-26][2009-11-26 wwwMerlijn]

Irish Pub Tierney's:
Lange Begijnestraat 10, 2011HH Haarlem, tel.:023-2020057/06-52347271.
Agenda items "Irish Session" every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month, 16:00 h.
[iss.727,2010-12-02][2010-12-01 Annemarie Klein]

Éist a Stór Folk:
In Muziekcafe "de Hommel", Schiedamseweg 37, 3134BA Vlaardingen.
Agenda items "Celtic Session/Open Podium" every 1st Thursday of the month, 19:00 h.
But in Februari 2011 it is on the 2nd Thursday:2011-02-10 and
in March also "Keltische Sessie" on St.Patrick's Day Thursday2011-03-17 (see here).

Contact: Ans Boon, a.boon@hotmail.com, 0180-514359 and Trudy van Haren, trudyvanharen@kpnplanet.nl, tel.:010-4341780.
[iss.732,2011-01-21][2011-01-20 Trudy vsn Haren]

The Dubliner:
Dijk 80 (entrance corner Venedie), 1601GK Enkhuizen, tel.:06-51426851.
Agenda items "Open Irish Session", every 4th Sunday of the month, 16:30 h.
[iss.715,2010-03-11][2010-03-08 Jessica]

The Craic Folk Music Session in Ezinge and Surroundings:
"Open Folk Music and Song Session".
Sometimes in Café 't Haventje, Haven 6, Ezinge and
sometimes in Café De Brug, Torenstraat 2, Ezinge.
Agenda items Agenda:
Sat 2011-06-25 15:00-18:00 h in Toby's Pub, Hoofdstraat 5a, Winsum (with Machair-Folk.)
See also The Craic Folk Music.
[iss.741,2011-06-20][2011-04-24 fbMachair]

Café De Stroohoed:
Eewal 72/B, Leeuwarden.
Agenda items "Session" every 1st Sunday, 16:00 h.
[iss.667,2007-11-01][2007-10-08 KJ.Klok]

Folk-Sessie 's-Heerenberg:
In Grand-cafe Heeren Dubbel (on terrain of castle "Huis Bergh"), Hof van Bergh 8, 's-Heerenberg.
Agenda items "Folk Session", every 3rd Sunday of the month, 14:00-17:00 h.
But NOT in July and August: SUMMER STOP.
It can also be outside, if the weather is nice.
(Irish, Scottish, Breton, Dutch, Blues).
Info: Hans Koershuis, tel.:06-51400159, folkfun@kpnmail.nl, see also www.
Alternative location: Hotel Montferland, Montferland 1, Zeddam.
[iss.740,2011-06-06][2011-05-27 Hans Koershuis]

De Oude Remise:
Oudezijl 1, Bad Nieuweschans, tel.:0597-522696.
Agenda items "Open Podium SESSIE", every 2nd Saturday, 14:00-17:00 h.
"Open Podium ON STAGE", every 4rd Saturday, afternoon, please e-mail:
programmer.deouderemise@gmail.com, if you want to perform.
[iss.702,2009-10-17][2009-10-17 wwwOuderemise]

The Irish Cottage:
Verlaat 4, Oude-Niedorp, tel.:0226-421486, ["The Irish Cottage (Spot)" on Hyves] Hyves.
Agenda items "Open Music Session", every 1st Sunday of the month, 15:30-18:30 h.
EXTRA Summer Session: Sun 2011-07-17
For pictures see "Irish Session in The Irish Cottage".
[iss.743,2011-07-11][2011-07-11 wwwCottage]

Café De Zaaier:
Herenstraat 33, Wageningen, tel.:0317-410806.
Agenda items "General Open Folk Session" every 1st Sunday, 16:00 h.
[iss.702,2009-10-17][2009-10-17 WWWsession]

[Mulligans] Mulligans Irish Music Bar:
Amstel 100, Amsterdam, tel.:020-6221330.
Agenda items "Open Irish Session", every Sunday about 19:00 h
A few pace-makers are often invited.
[iss.687,2008-06-10][2008-06-10 wwwMulligans]

Café Lokaal Vredebreuk:
Papestraat 38, 2513AW Den Haag, tel.:070-3656046.
Agenda items Every 1st Tuesday of the month, 21:00 h: "Open Celtic session".
Often with Simply Green.
[2010-05-09 J.v.Wijk][iss.717,2010-10-27]

Dorpsboerderij "Weverkeshof":
opposite Gemeentehuis, Jhr. Hugo van Berckellaan 5, Nuenen, tel.:040-2833185 (Kees van de Sande).
Agenda items "Open Trad. Irish Session" Every 2nd Sunday of the month,
13:00-16:30 h (13:00 h open).
July, August: Summer STOP
2011-09-11: SessieFestival!!!
For more info see http://www.keesvandesande.nl.
[2011-06-18 Kees][iss.741,2011-06-20]

[STOPPED Sessions]

Lists of Irish Sessions on the entire Planet Earth [Planeth Earth]:

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