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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Radio Programs, iss.716,2010-10-10.

[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Radio Programs. with agenda items

Radio programs from Nederland with Celtic music.
[NL] Deze subpagina bevat radio programma's vanuit Nederland met Keltische muziek.

Radio CompleetFM:
with "Play It All Again" by Johan Greeuw.
Local radio station of Langedijk.
Ether: 107.2 FM
Cable: 89.0 FM
Every 3rd Tuesday, 20:00-22:00 h.
Via Internet: www
Due to his illness, Michel Teekens' program "Celtic Music Time" stopped.
[iss.712,2010-01-28] [2010-01-17 J.Greeuw]

(Bergse Radio en Televisie Omroep, Zuidwest Brabant)
Radio Program "Celtic Connection" with music from Schotland, Ireland, Galicie, Bretagne.
Every Tuesday 20:00-21:00 h
Ether: FM 105.8
Cable: FM 87.5
Via Internet: www
Presentation: Piet Kikkert
B.R.T.O., Postbus 18, 4600AA Bergen op Zoom
[2008-12-09 Piet Kikkert][iss.695,2009-01-12]

Het Zeegat uit:
with shanty music 24 h a day.
Via Internet: www
[iss.650,2007-04-18][2007-04-17 Cees Vlieland]

Rosa FM:
with Irish music program by Hans Nas
Local radio station of Abcoude, to be received also in Amsterdam-ZO, Mijdrecht and Breukelen on FM 107.2
Every 1st or 2nd Monday, 22:00-23:00 h.
Via Internet: www
[iss.674,2007-12-14][2007-12-06 Hans Nas]

Radio Rijnwoude:
Local radio station with Irish music program ("Song from Ireland")
Ether: 106.5 FM
Cable: 103.4 FM
Every Thursday, 21:00-23:00 h.
Repeated every Monday, 14:00-16:00 h.
Via Internet: www
Address of folkprogram:
Radio Rijnwoude, Song from Ireland, Wim van Gent, Coby Riemersmalaan 5, 2104SJ Heemstede, 06-53614491.
E-mail: willemp.vangent@gmail.com, wim@radiorijnwoude.nl
[iss.713,2010-02-01][2008-07-31 Wim][nieuw adres 2009-02-04 Wim]

Radio Rijnwoude:
Local radio station with Roots music program ("Under the Tree"), by Hans Hoogeveen
Ether: 106.5 FM
Cable: 103.4 FM
Every Tuesday, 21:00-23:00 h.
Repeated every Thursday, 14:00-16:00 h.
WWW: www
[iss.673,2007-12-05][2005-09-15 H.Hoogeveen][Checked 2007-12-04 wwwTTFC]

Radio Heemskerk:
Local radio station with folk program ("Muziekvenster")
Every Sunday, 20:00-21:00 h.
Address of folkprogram: Gerrit Vermey, Postbus 18, 1960AA Heemskerk.
Tel. studio: 0251-233333
Tel. private: 0251-213606
Fax: 0251-235959
Cable: 106.8 FM
Ether: 107.4 FM
(E.T.: this must be checked, because these info is from about 1998)

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