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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Musicians, [iss.101,2011-02-17].

[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Musicians.

This page gives a list of traditional Celtic musicians in Nederland.
Not only musicians, that perform for public are listed here, but also musicians, that like playing with other musicians and dancers (at home, sessions, house parties, looking for a group to play in, starting a group, etc.).
You will find more musicians in the subpage Groups & Solo Performers.

Only a few musicians are listed yet. This is due to the fact, that the author is restricted by the following rules: for privacy reasons, people are only listed here at their own request!!, but making links to WWW pages is free.

Tineke Algra
instruments: accordion, portable harmonium
genre:       Irish, Scottish, English and Gronings
address:     Abel Tasmanweg 17, 9866TA Lutjegast
tel.:        0594-612521
E-mail:      talgra@wxs.nl or folk@freemail.nl

Wim Broekman
instruments: 5-string banjo, mandolin, tin whistle
genre:       Old-Time USA, trad.Celtic
address:     Twente
tel.:        074-2669936
E-mail:      broekmanwa@daxis.nl

Anton Bronnikov
Instruments: bodhrán, cajon, udu, darabuka, tapan, djembe
Genre:       Irish traditional, Breton, Balcan, Scandinavian, world music
Address:     Anjervallei 150, 's-Hertogenbosch
Tel.:        065-3272736
E-mail:      anton.bronnikov@gmail.com
[iss.99,2010-11-25][2010-02-15 Anton]

Job Cornelissen
Instruments: bodhrán, vocals, bones, percussion
Genre:       trad. Celtic and more
Address:     Vossestaartstraat 8, 1121BL Landsmeer
Tel.:        020-4862582, 06-196183944
E-mail:      job@dansjobs.com
[iss.94,2007-12-14][2007-12-11 Job]

Dominic Crosbie
Instruments: Guitar, Mandolin
Genre:       trad. Irish 
Tel.:        +31616846164
E-mail:      domcros@hotmail.com

Jenny van Diggelen
instruments: irish flute and tin whistle
genre:       Celtic music
address:     Boeimeersingel 5A, 4819AA, Breda
tel.:        076-5141835
E-mail:      info@jennyvandiggelen.nl

Anneke Eykelboom
instruments: fiddle
genre:       Old-Time USA, trad. Celtic
address:     Bosstraat 78, 1731SG Winkel
tel.:        0224-541572

Arnold Hofmeester
instruments: guitar
genre:       trad. Celtic
address:     Maaseikstr 16, 1066LX Amsterdam
tel.:        020-6692095
E-mail:      A.Hofmeester@sfb.nl

Erik de Jong
Instruments: piano accordion, bodhrán
Genres:      Irish folk, Flamish and French Balfolk, Jewish/Eastern-European folk
Plays in:    Doggy Few (Groningen), Carritwen (Groningen), The Gonnagles (Enschede)
Address:     Groningen
e-mail:      erikdj82@gmail.com
[iss.99,2010-11-25][2010-08-22 Erik]

Piet Karregat
Genre:       Irish and Dutch Traditional Folk
Instruments: vocal, bodhrán, tin whistle, guitar, kazoo
Address:     Volendam - Holland
Mobile:      +31 (0)6 30870726
Email:       karregap@xs4all.nl

Henk Kooijman
Instruments: vocals, nylon-string guitar 
Genre:       trad. Irish Dublin style songs
Address:     Anna van Saksenstraat 11, 1723KR Noord-Scharwoude
Tel.:        0226-320088/ 06-20253366
E-mail:      jm.kooijman@quicknet.nl

Nils Koster
instruments: guitar, violin, accordion, concertina, vocals
genre:       trad. Irish, American, Dutch, Cajun, shanty's
Address:     dorpsstraat 138, 8899AN Vlieland
Tel.:        0318-520807 or 06-21511618 (mobile)
E-mail:      info@nilskoster.nl

Louis Kouwets
instruments: bodhrán, vocal, anglo concertina, guitar, tin whistle
genre:       trad. Irish, Scottish
Address:     Frieseweg 69, 1823CB Alkmaar
Tel.:        072-5122868
E-mail:      Kouwets@xs4all.nl
Plays in:    Kilshannig:

Egon Kraak
instruments: fiddle, bodhrán, bones

Marieke Lesparre
instrument: harp
genre:      Celtic
address:    Lindeboom 5, 4101WE Culemborg
tel.:       0345-534042
E-mail:     marieke@lesparre.nl

Harry van Lünenburg
instrument:  guitar, banjo, vocals, bodhrán
genre:       Old-Time USA, trad. Celtic
address:     Oude Liesselseweg 34, 5751WP Deurne
tel.:        0493-323119
[iss.88,2006-05-25][2006-05-04 H.Bongers]

Tom van der Meijs
instruments: piano accordion,  bouzouki, whistles, mandolin, spoons
genre:       trad. Irish
address:     Drieboomlaan 245, 1624BH Hoorn
tel.:        0229-213063
mobile tel.: 0644282829
E-mail:      tomvandermeijs@quicknet.nl

Isaac Muller
instruments: wooden flute, tin whistle
genre:       trad. Celtic
address:     Jacob van Lennepkade 157-II, 1054ZL Amsterdam
tel.:        06-24464946
E-mail:      isaac.muller@student.uva.nl

Carla Nies (session musician and teacher)
instruments: flute, pan pipes
genre:       Irish, Scottish, English
tel.:        06-49818709

Jeroen Nijhof
instrument: accordion

Deb Pearson
instrument: fiddle
genre:      trad. Celtic, Old-Time USA
address:    Twente
tel.:       074-2669936
E-mail:     pearson@daxis.nl

Vincent Pompe van Meerdervoort
instruments: bodhrán, tin whistle, vocal, box
genre:       trad. Irish
address:     Abraham Kuyperstraat 40, 6702BL Wageningen
tel.:        0317-452760
E-mail:      vincent@epos-imaginaire.com
Plays in:    Harmony Glen

Sjoerd van Ravenzwaaij
instruments: banjo, gitaar, tin whistle
Plays in:    Harmony Glen

Peter Rechsteiner
Instruments: guitar, basspedal, bouzouki, bodhrán, keyboard
Genre:       Irish, trad.& Celtic
Address:     Het Eiland 6, 1693BW Wervershoof
Tel.:        0228-585546
Mobile tel.: 06-53164109
E-mail:      p.rechsteiner@quicknet.nl
[iss.96,2008-07-14][2008-02-20 Peter.R]

Gilles Rullmann
Instruments: fiddle, guitar, vocals
Genre:       trad. Irish and more
Adress:      Haarlem
Tel:         023-5257703, 06-28760345
E-mail:      gillesrullmann@hotmail.com
CD:          "my eyes" (2002)
Plays in:    Maalstroom

Thijs Rührup
instruments: mandolin, guitar, vocals, cittern, 5-string banjo
genre:       trad. Irish/North American
address:     Cornelis v/d Lijn str. 248, 2593NR Den Haag
tel.:        070-3473044/0651-369261
E-mail:      maestro@thijs-ruhrup.com

Wendy Seager
Instruments: vocals, bodhrán, whistle, acoustic guitar
Genre:       trad./contemp. Irish/Scottish/English
address:     Warmond, Zuid-Holland
Tel.:        06-41217274
E-mail:      w_seager@yahoo.co.uk

Marco Sengers (session musician and teaching)
Genre:       Traditional Irish folk
Instruments: fiddle, bodhrán, guitar
Address:     Velp, Gelderland
Tel.:        026-3644156, 06-20203485
Email:       m.sengers@12move.nl

Marieke Smegen
instruments: vocal, guitar, bodhrán, accordion, tin whistle
genre:       trad. Irish

Hendrik-Jan Teerink
instruments: tenor banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, guitar
genre :      trad.Irish
E-mail :     drikusman@casema.nl
Plays in:    Kees Ouwejan en Makkers

Job Tielrooy 
Instrument: fiddle
Genre:      trad.Irish
Plays in:   Grensgeval and Star of the North Ceilidhband
Played in:  Pog Ma Hon
Adress:     Noord Nederland
E-mail:     job.en.barber@wxs.nl

Eltjo Toorn
Instruments: piano accordion, melodeon(G,D/G), mandolin,
Genre:       trad. Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English, Breton),
             trad. Dutch, Grunnegs and French.
Address:     Zuidlaarderveen
E-mail:      eltjo@dds.nl

Gerard van de Ven.
Instrument: Fiddle
Genre:      Trad. Celtic/Irish dancemusic
Address:    Vlasmeersestraat 37, Vught (N.Br.)
Tel.:       073-6569156
E-mail:     hotfiddle2003@yahoo.com

(An)Thony de Waal
Instruments: 10-string cittern, mandola, bodhrán, whistle, flute
Genre:       trad. Celtic

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