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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Other Links, iss.115,2010-12-08.

[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Other Links.

This subpage tries to give a complete overview of homepages about traditional Celtic music and dance in Nederland or made by Dutch people (indicated with [NL] ) and not already shown in [HOME]-More or the other subpages.

Only a wild collection of links to other countries is given, in order to give people a quick access to various subjects. An overview site for planet Earth is: Ceolas.

This was about 17 years ago (in the early years of the WWW) the most important info source of Celtic music on the WWW and gave entrance to almost the complete Traditional Celtic Music Web.
It is maintained by Gerard Manning and contains lots of info about and links to tunes, tune software, musicians, concerts, instruments, magazines, records and other things.
It is still the starting point, but a lot of links are out-dated today, due to lack of time.
It was my big inspiration to make this site (Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland):
the intention is to give information, the formatting has lesser importance.

[NL] CHQlinks.
Great Celtic-Links Start Page by Ger Cloosterman from Nederland

[NL] Wikipedia pages about Celtic music.
Thanks to Bram Huyser!

Overview Website from Scotland about Celtic Folkmusic on planet Earth with gigs, groups, etc.

St.Patrick's Day.
Site about St.patrick's Day, iss.107,2006-03-09

[NL] Triskelle.
Site about Irish history, music, etc. by Vincent Peters from Nederland.

EuropeanIrish.com - Irish Music and Irish Dancing Info Links.

The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.
(Formerly known as the Irish World Music Centre)
This is the institution of professor Micheal O Suilleabhain in the University of Limerick.
Here you can study for a degree in traditional Irish music :-).

Irish Traditional Music Archive.
This page shows the contents of this archive in Dublin (recordings on tape, cylinders, 78 rpm records, LPs, CDs), transcriptions, manuscripts, studies, hardware, etc.

Set up by the Brooks Academy this site provides information on the dancing of sets with details of classes for novices and experts.

The English Folk Dance and Song Society.

This German folk music magazine replaces "Folksblatt" and "Folk-Michel".
This will also lead you to more interesting links in Deutschland.
With Folk-Terminkalender (tour and gig lists) in Deutschland.

FROG - the Folk & Roots Online Guide.
Previously titled: "The Mollinks for Folk Music".
This is the homepage of Michael and Christian Moll (the Mollies) from Germany and European contributors of "Irish Music".
This will also lead you to more interesting Celtic music links in Europe.

FolkWorld - the online music magazine.
This is an on-line folk magazine written by Michael and Christian Moll (the Mollies) from Germany.

Folk Consortium.
This is the site of Henry Kochlin's folk group in Germany. He is an old participant of this site.
His songbook can be found here.
His tunebook can be found here.

Irish Club of Belgium.
An umbrella organisation of the Irish community in Belgium, among other promotes Irish concerts in Belgium.

FOLK vzw - all the Belgium Folk Links.
Site by Philip Masure from Belgium.

Celtic Sessions in Belgium, Switzerland and France.
Site about Celtic and other traditional music by Dominique Renaudin from France.

Irish Music Magazine.
This is a MONTHLY paper magazine about Irish music from Ireland.
The site contains a lot of interesting links.

[NL] The Unofficial Mary Black Homepage.
This page was written by Mark van Setten from Nederland.

This is the homepage of a trad. Irish band from Belgium with mostly Irish musicians.

Show of Hands.
This is the homepage of the acoustic English band with Phil Beer and Steve Knigthley.

[NL] The Dougie MacLean Homepage by Niek Stoop
Fanpage of Niek Stoop from Nederland. Niek played in a previous line-up of Ogham.

[NL] Clannad
Fanpage by Ed from Nederland, with articles and lyrics.

[NL] Ger Fahy
Fanpage by Audrey Wighers from Nederland.

[NL] Eleanor Shanley
Fanpage by Jaap Meeuwsen (webmaster@eleanorshanley.com) from Nederland.

[NL] The Dubliners
Fanpage from Nederland about the Dubliners, with also agenda, ticket info.

Irish and Celtic Music on the Internet [iss.40,1998-06-08]
This is a sort of on-line magazine.

Green Linnet/Xenophile Records Home Page
Contains a catalogue of CDs and CD listings.

Irish Music Box - Index
Important overview Irish site about Irish music.

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange Home Page
It contains album reviews of new releases by folk and acoustic artists.
The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME), is an ongoing project of Peterborough (New Hampshire, USA) Folk Music Society.

[NL] Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Irish Dancing
Fanpage of Roland from Nederland.

Guestlist Folk Music Pages.
This site, maintained by Jim Hancock, covers the "Guestlist Directory" with an extensive list of contacts for U.K. and Irish Folk Performers.
The site also contains a free notice board and WWW-pages of the "Folktalk Magazine" including whats on in folk music in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.

Various sites in Russia.
Celtic Music in Russia

[NL] MusicFrom.nl
General overview site for music in Nederland.

[NL] Wereldmuziek.Startkabel.nl
General overview site for "Worldmusic" in Nederland.

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