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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Folk Groups & (Solo) Performers, [iss.348,2011-03-30].
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[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Folk Groups & (Solo) Performers. with agenda itemsPRIORITY

Traditional Celtic folk groups, choirs, dance groups and solo performers in Nederland and their agendas and recordings.
[NL] Folkgroepen (bands), koren, dansgroepen en (solo) artiesten met traditionele Keltische muziek en dans in Nederland en hun agenda's en opnames.

Not all groups are listed yet. This is due to the fact, that the author is restricted by the following privacy rules:
people are only listed here at and according to their own request!!. But listing with only links to WWW pages is OK.

It is the intention that this page is 4-dimensional: historic performers should be listed here too together with the names and dates of their LPs, MCs and CDs.

If your group stopped or is in hibernation, please inform me about it and it will be shown. This makes life more easy for people looking for a band.




Genre: Irish folk songs Type: Choir Conductor: Ruwald Diederich Members: ~30 Address: Enkhuizen, see website E-mail: info@airiesjkwair.nl [iss.294,2007-02-28][2006-12-07 Kees de Moel]
Air Laut.
Genre: Celtic and more [iss.172,2002-03-13][2002-03-08 Gradus Lemmen]
Genre: trad. and contemporary Irish and other Instruments: vocals, tin whistle, guitars, double bass, clarinet, bodhrán, etc. Musicians: Bert and Robert Pfeiffer, Erik van Loo and Mark Gilligan Adress: Poucha Promotions, Langestraat 39, 7419AR Deventer. Tel.: 0570-615371 E-mail: pouchapromotions@home.nl WWW: http://www.amadan.nl [Eltjo 2006-10-13]: Homepage deleted. [iss.288,2006-10-16][2004-02-07 R.Pfeiffer]
Angus Mc.Money.
Genre: trad. music from Scotland Instruments: Highland pipes Musicians: 1 Adress: Mart Heijmans, van Heutszstraat 17, 6521CS Nijmegen Tel: 024-3226728 Fax: 024-3281455 E-mail: bontehond@wxs.nl
Genre: Atmospheric Celtic music, incl. songs from "Lord of the Rings". Musicians: 7 Instruments: violin, keyboards, guitars, vocals, bass, harp Address: Ibisdreef 312, 3564 RM Utrecht E-mail: groep@anois.nl [iss.276,2006-03-15][2006-03-15 Marieke]
Genre: Traditional Irish music Musicians: Rob Neijenhuis, Folkert Brugman, Herman Sol, Margreet Dijkman, Igor Jellema Instruments: Mandoline, Fiddle, Vocals, Tenor Banjo, Mandola, Klassiek gitaar, Dadgad-gitaar, whistle, Concert-flute, Uilleann pipes, Bodhran Phone: 06-51101936 Adress: Regio Arnhem E-mail: laros.sol@hccnet.nl [iss.312,2008-11-14][2008-11-13 F.Brugman]
Auld Dubbs, The.
Genre: Irish pubsongs Musicians: 8 Adress: Gramsbergen [iss.322,2010-10-27][2010-10-27 wwwAD]


[Baloney] Baloney.
Genre: trad. based Irish en Scottish Musicians: Ben Dijkhuis: vocals, guitar, Spanish (classic) guitar, mandolin, djembee Dick Gerritsen: vocals, diatonic accordeon, guitar, bodhrán Jantine Leeflang: vocals, whistle, fiddle, guitar-DADGAD, bodhrán Marco Baartse: vocals, uilleann pipes, Irish bouzouki, concertina, bodhrán, guitar E-mail: contactATbaloney.nl, baloneyATplanet.nl See also: Dahmsa [iss.317,2009-12-09][2009-12-03 B.Dijkhuis]
B & A.
Genre: traditional irish, scottish Musicians: Anneke en Bart de Graaf Instruments: guitar, bouzouki, tenorbanjo, accordion, bodhrán, vocals E-mail: b_degraaf@planet.nl Tel.: 06-40895628 [iss.324,2010-11-01][2010-01-21 Bart]
Bangers & MasH.
Genre: trad. Irish Instruments: vocals, guitar, bouzouki, whistle, bodhrán, fiddle, accordion, bass, mandolin, banjo, harmonica Musicians: 4 Address: Kromdel 47, 1831AE Koedijk Tel.: 072-5616779 Fax: 084-7328354 E-mail: info@bangersandmash.nl CD: "Dirty Dishes" (1997), "Addiction" (March 2001) and "Mystic Memories" (2004) [iss.286,2006-10-10][2006-09-25 Peter Janssen]
Genre: trad. Celtic Instruments: vocals, guitar, cittern, whistle, bodhrán, fiddle, flute, concertina, mandolin, uilleann pipes Musicians: 5 Address: Noord-Holland [iss.336,2010-12-09][2010-12-09 Thony+wwwBanshee]
Beatrix Pipe Band.
Genre: trad. Scottish Instruments: pipes and drums Musicians: many Address: Hilversum Info: In their site you will find a lot more links to other pipe bands. [iss.195,2003-02-27][2003-02-26 Mdubois]
Best Irish Singers.
Genre: Irish folk songs Type: Choir Address: Walter Carels, Rob van Oosterwijk, Best (NB) Tel.: 0499-392171, 0499-396607 E-mail: info@bestirishsingers.nl [2007-04-18 Walter Carels][iss.299,2007-04-18]
Blue Dew: [Wikipedia]
Genre: bluegrass and trad.Irish.
Agenda items Agenda:

See also direct link to Blue Dew's Agenda.
Musicians: Pim Leuthoff: vocal, bluegrass banjo, guitar, bodhrán Marius Klein: vocal, guitar, Irish bouzouki Wendy van Zomeren: vocal, fiddle John Beumer: vocal, double bass, harmonica, story teller Sijtze Malda: accordion, bodhrán Bookings: Stichting Fermate, Marius Klein Tel.: 06-26552185, 0528-321950 E-mail: bluedew@hetnet.nl PR: Stichting Beyond Reasonable Doubt, John Beumer Tel.: 038-4230411 E-mail: bluedew@planet.nl Recordings: 1995: MC "From Tennessee to Galway" 1998: CD "Blue Dew on Irish Grass" 2001: CD "Life's Other Side" 2003: CD "European Bluegrass Vol 1 - The Scottish Bluegrass Association" 2004: NetCD "Water, Wind and Sails - WM Recordings" 2005: CD "The Long Journey Home" 2006: NetSingle "Kilkelly" 2006: NetCD "European Irish Spring 2006" - Compilation [iss.301,2007-04-25][2007-04-25 J.Beumer]
Blue Monday.
Genre: trad. Irish Instruments: vocal, guitar, whistle, recorder, bodhrán, accordion, fiddle, banjo, mandolin Musicians: 4 Address: Zuid-Holland Tel.: 071-5803205 E-mail: info@blue-monday.nl CD: "Take Your Time" (2001) [iss.230,2004-04-07][2004-04-05 WWWbm]
Bodhi Babyn.
Genre: Songs with Celtic influences in Dutch, English, Spanish and French Instruments: vocal, guitar Musicians: 1 or 2 as Bodhi & Laduc with fingerstyle guitarist Hans Laduc Address: Noord-Holland CD: "Caledonia" (2009) [iss.325,2010-11-02][2010-02-09 Bodhi]
The Bradley Bunch.
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: Sharon Bradley: vocals, guitar Dick Hoppe: bass, vocals Hendrik Jan Teerink: mandoline, bouzouki, vocals Jimmy Ellis: fiddle, guitar Tel.: 070/3479960/06-42843142 E-mail: sharon@thebradleybunch.nl, jimmy@thebradleybunch.nl [iss.277,2006-03-19][2006-03-17 Jimmy]
Genre: Celtic, klezmer, Gypsy, etc. Instruments: vocal, accordion, fiddle, guitar, double bass, sax, tin whistle, mandolin, drums WWW: http://www.marcatomusic.nl/fs.htm DEAD LINK!! [iss.170,2002-03-02][2002-02-27 wwwBrak]


Caa a Dram.
Genre: trad. Irish, Dutch, American, cajun, seasongs, shanty's Type: Not really active band, but sometimes a project Musicians: Nils Koster: vocals, guitar Kars-Jan Klok: tin whistle, low whistle Susan Hutten: bodhrán Tel.: 06-21511618 E-mail: info@nilskoster.nl CD: "Pure Dram" (2001), "One More..." (2004) [iss.296 2007-03-21][2007-03-15 Nils]
Cairn O'Mhor.
Genre: trad. Irish Instruments: mandolin, bouzouki, tin whistle, bodhrán, violin, guitar, vocals. Musicians: 4 Address: Brabant Tel.: 076-5141760 E-mail: michiel@cairnomhor.nl [iss.236,2004-07-15][2004-07-06 M.Kuijs]
Genre: Irish traditional music and song Musicians: 5 Address: Kees Hein Woldendorp, Kerkstraat 39, 8433LK Haulerwijk Tel.: 0516-421231 E-mail: woldendo@planet.nl [iss.289,2006-10-19][2006-10-17 KH]
Cat in the Corner.
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: André Visser: melodeon, accordion, vocals, bodhrán Nella Sluiter: fiddle April Pijpelink: flute, bag pipes Lex Becherer: guitar, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, backing vocals E-mail: an.visser@planet.nl See also: Dahmsa [iss.304,2007-06-25][2007-05-30 A.Visser]
Genre: Celtic folk (mostly Irish and Breton), late Middle Ages, Renaissance, early Baroque. Instruments: vocals (also a cappella in Gaelic), piano, keyboard, 6- and 12-string guitar, bodhrán. Musicians: 2 Adress: Leo Meerman, Zandstraat 6, 4614CJ Bergen op Zoom Tel.: 0164-244897 Fax: 0164-210503 E-mail: lmeerman@celt.nl
Genre: Celtic folk Musicians: 1 Instruments: vocal, guitar, bodhrán Adress: Noord Nederland
Agenda items Agenda
Celtic 4.
Genre: Trad. and new Celtic music Musicians: 4 E-mail: celtic_4_music@hotmail.com [iss.308,2008-05-13][2009-03-14 Laurens Huige]
Celtic Wind.
Genre: traditional and contemporary music from Ireland, and own songs and tunes Musicians: Evert Jan van Asselt (Duiven): guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, vocals Mayke van den Broek (Didam) : accordeon, flute, vocals Jan Hoogeveen (Noordeloos) : bodhran, percussion Corné Wouters (Didam) : guitar, mouth-organ, vocals Sound engineers: Fabian Wouters, Gerry Hoogeveen Bookings: Jan Hoogeveen, tel.: 0183-581947 Corné Wouters, tel.: 0316-225917 Demo-CD: Celtic Wind live in Amphion Doetinchem 2001 E-mail: e.vanasselt2@chello.nl [iss.241,2004-10-16][2004-10-11 EvertJan]
Chris Kalsbeek
Genre: Celtic songs and music Instruments: bouzouki, mandolin, guitar and Celtic harp Musicians: 1 Adress: Troelstrapark 4, 8918MA Leeuwarden Tel.: 058-2673323 E-mail: chris@chriskalsbeek.com CD: "Celtic songs and music" (2001) [~2000]
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: 5 Bookings: Stichting Cinnamon, Ine van Loosdrecht, tel.:038-4654270 [iss.311,2008-10-29][2005-03-03 I.v.Loosdrecht and 2008-10-28 www]
(previously Namasté) Genre: trad. music from Ireland, Scotland and Galicia Instruments: vocals, guitar, bodhrán, synthesizer, uilleann pipes, fiddle concertina, whistle, spoons, accordion, bagpipes, banjo, shrutibox Musicians: 6 Adress: Maarssen [iss.311,2008-10-29][2008-10-29 WWW]
Clan MacBeth Pipe Band.
Genre: trad. Scottish Instruments: pipes and drums Musicians: many Address: Groningen In this site you will find a lot more links to other pipe bands. A few members of this band played in the Irish/Scottish folkgroup "Macbeth's Delight". [iss.168,2002-02-23]
Cloggy Dew. ["Cloggy Dew" on facebook] ["Cloggy Dew" on Hyves]
Genre:Traditional Irish ballads, rebel songs, drinking songs and instrumentals
Musicians:Dennis Jansen:leadvocal, guitar, bodhrán
Dirk Pons:guitar, vocal, mandolin
Inge IJpelaar: tin whistle, flute
Jan Liket:squeezebox
guest musician: fiddle, vocal
Agenda itemsAgenda:
See direct link to Cloggy Dew's Agenda.
[iss.346,2011-02-23][2011-02-18 Cloggy Dew]
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: Henk Heideveld: vocals, guitar, bodhrán Sytze Malda: accordion, vocals Wim Broekman: whistle, 5-string banjo, vocals Deb Pearson: fiddle, vocals Tel.: 038-4538805 E-mail: colcannon@malda.nl CD: 2001: "From Salland to Ireland" 2007: "Tsulláin" [iss.316,2009-12-01][S.Malda 2009-04-22]
Genre: trad. and contemporary Irish folk songs (Irish singer) Instruments: vocal, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, accordion, fiddle, whistle and bodhrán Musicians: duo, trio, 4-piece or 5-piece Tel.: 0229-240818 Recordings: "Far from the Glens" (1993) and "Still Afloat" (2001) [iss.245,2005-01-04]
Genre: Traditional Irish, Scottisch, English Musicians: Alex Sneddon: bodhrán Stuart Jenkins: uilleann pipes, tin whistle, bagpipes Hanneke Hogenboom: violin Tom van der Meijs: bouzouki, accordion, tin whistle, spoons Adres: Drieboomlaan 245, 1624BH Hoorn Tel: 0229-213063/06-44282829 E-mail: Tomvandermeijs@quicknet.nl [2006-05-27 Tom][iss.282,2006-07-04]


Genre: Irish and American folk Instruments: fiddle, trumpet, guitar, blues harp, uilleann pipes, whistle, low flute, mandolin, dobro, banjo, bass, accordeon, guitarbanjo Address: Lion Cachetstraat 56, 3851ZG Ermelo Tel.: +31 (0)341 559036 E-mail: info@daddy-o.eu [iss.305,2007-10-25][2007-07-16 H.Jongeling]
Genre: traditional based Celtic music Musicians: max.9, instrumentalists and vocals Info: Dahmsa is a co-operative group with the musicians of Baloney and Cat in the Corner Instruments: vocals, fiddle, diatonic and chromatic accordion, bodhrán, whistle, uilleann pipes, concertina, banjo, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, guitar. E-mail: info@baloney.nl or an.visser@planet.nl [iss.299,2007-04-18][2007-04-16 B.Dijkhuis]
Danny Guinan (& Friends).
Genre: Irish singer/songwriter, contemporary folk and folkrock and some traditional Celtic. Musicians: 1 to 5: Danny Guinan, Siard de Jong and others Instruments: vocals, guitar, electric guitar, fiddle, cittern, whistle, accordion, drums, etc. E-mail: tanjabindels@planet.nl [iss.216,2003-11-22][2003-11-19 K.Huyser]
Darren Byrne.
Genre : Irish Folk/Rock/Rap/hip-hop and traditional singing Instruments: vocals, guitar, bodhrán Musicians:   1.5 Address: Prinsendam 338, 3072MA Rotterdam Tel.:    010-2973405 GSM tel.: 00 353 87 2997 361         E-mail:  darrenbyrne@ireland.com WWW: http://www.redrival.com/blagart/ (Not Working Anymore 2002-02-23) Info:    Irish recording artist and songwriter collaborations include          Fiona McMahon, Mark Gilligan, Fourteen, Declan          Daley and  Julie F.Benzie-Nicol
David Myles.
Genre: traditional Celtic music Musicians: 1 Instrument: Scottish bagpipes, tin whistle. Info: Plays in Rapalje and The MylesBrothers [iss.344,2011-01-29][2011-01-29 wwwDM]
Genre: Irish traditionals with influences of Scottish, French, Dutch folk music and contemporary acoustic music Adress: Irish Touch (Andre Uitgeest), Fazant 29, 1965EZ Heemskerk Tel.: 0251-247500 E-mail:  info@irish.nl [iss.311,2008-10-29][2008-05-14 Henry Kochlin]
Genre: Irish folk songs Type: Choir Address: Johan Somsen (secretary), Schietbaanweg 11, 8162GP, Epe Tel.: 0578-629893 / 06-29032484 Tel.: 06-23223026 (Krein Jansonius, bookings) E-mail: johan.f.somsen@wxs.nl [2005-10-22 Johan Somsen][iss.265,2005-11-15]
Doggy Dike.
Genre: trad. Irish Members: Peet Stolwijk: vocals, percussion Ben van Leeuwen: vocals, guitar Jan Kromhout: guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals, percussion Jan van Leeuwen: fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, vcals Oscar van Wijk: flutes, bodhran, percussion, vocal Frans Schoonens: bass guitar, vocals Bookings: fransschoonens@live.nl [iss.339,2011-01-04][2010-12-24 DD]
Doggy Few, The.
Genre: Irish Party Music Members: Lucas Sterk: guitar, voice Anna Marije v/d Leest: fiddle Peter Kelly: bodhrán, voice Bart de Graaf: banjo, bouzouki Erik de Jong: piano accordion Location: Groningen [iss.324,2010-11-01[2010-01-30 Lucas]
Genre: trad. Irish Instruments: flute, bouzouki, whistle fiddle, guitar, vocals. Musicians: 4 Address: Amsterdam Tel.: 06-53355179. E-mail: victor@lacken.com WWW: http://www.tradhok.com [ET 2010-11-24]: BROKEN LINK!!! CD: "Poulnabrone" (end of 2003) [iss.228,2004-03-25][2004-03-19 V.Lacken]
Genre: Irish folk songs Type: Choir Emphasis: balads in 3 or 4 voices Address: Nijmegen Tel.: 024-3230152 (Paula), 024-3225950 (Nelleke) E-mail: pfleurkens@hetnet.nl (Paula), zeebries@hotmail.com (Nelleke) [2004-04-05 N.Koster][iss.230,2004-04-07]
Double Dutch Band.
Genre: trad. English, Irish, Scottish and Old Time USA and contemporary Musicians: 4 Instruments: vocal, autoharp, 5-string banjo, uilleann pipes, fiddle, whistle, harmonica, guitar, double bass. Adress: Leiden E-mail: doverdevest52@planet.nl [iss.271,2006-01-25][2006-01-21 D.Overdevest]
Drijfhout. [Wikipedia]
Genre: folk, shanties and seafolk from Nederland, Ireland, England and America Instruments: guitars, whistle, squeeze boxes Musicians: Ger Lamerus: vocal, guitar, melodeon Nils Koster: vocal, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, melodeon Tel.: 06-53778345 (Ger), 06-21511618 (Nils) E-mail: info@nilskoster.nl E-mail: gerlamerus@hotmail.com CD: "Op t Vlielandse Strand" (2005). [iss.256,2005-07-13][2005-06-04 Nils]
Genre: Celtic Music Musicians: 3 [2008-10-28 WWW][iss.311,2008-10-29]
Genre: Irish, English, Scottish and European tunes and songs Musicians: Wendy Seager: vocals, bodhrán, whistle Hendrik-Jan Teerink: bouzouki Andrew Fundingsland: mandola, mandolin, banjo Ellen Lagerwerf: button accordion, whistle, concertina Theo Wentink: fiddle, viola Ruud Adam: flute, whistle Tel.: 070-3552036 (Theo) or 010-4110553 (Ellen) E-mail: info@drumlin.nl [iss.267,2005-12-31][2005-12-16 Wendy]
Dutch Lemmings.
Genre: Irish/celtic folkmusic Musicians: 5 [iss.321,2010-10-26][2010-10-26 wwwDL]
Dutton, Noel.
Genre: Traditional Irish folksongs and ballads, popular folk Instruments: vocal, guitar Musicians: 1 Tel.: 06-53135435 E-mail: duttonnoel@gmail.com CD: "A pair of brown eyes" [iss.346,2011-02-23][2011-02-23 Noel]


The Elastic Band.
Genre: trad.Irish, blue grass. Instruments: vocals, guitar, mandolin, mandola, fiddle, box, whistle, bass Musicians: 4 Address: Amsterdam [iss.311,2008-10-29]
Genre:Irish Trad. and Irish related
Musicians:Marc van Daal:uilleann pipes , vocal
Jouke Stoel:violin
Elly van Daal:bodhrán, vocal
Sebastiaan Boekhoorn:whistles, vocal
Jan Pieter Boekhoorn:keyboard
Agenda items Agenda:
2011-04-03 14:00 h:Concert/CD-presentation, Hotel Waalwijk/de Brasserie,
Burgemeester van der Klokkenlaan 55, Waalwijk
2011-06-23 20:00 h:Zeehelden Festival, Prins Hendrikplein, Den Haag
[iss.348,2011-03-30][2011-03-19 Marc van Daal][2011-03-30 wwwElato]
See also direct link to the band's Agenda.
CD:"A Musical Odyssey" (2011)
[iss.348,2011-03-30][2011-03-24 Elly van Daal]
Ellen Nijssen Folk Band.
Genre: folk/folk-rock. Inspired by: Fairport Convention, Sweeney's Men, e.a. Repertoire: both traditionals/covers and own songs Musicians: female singer, drummer, bass player, 2 instrumentalists (el. & ac. guitar, accordion, tenor banjo, background singers). Tel.: 020-6255889 E-mail: enfb@wjvanranch.nl WWW: http://kickme.to/enfb [ET 2010-11-02]: BROKEN LINK!!! [iss.192,2002-12-11][2002-12-09 WJvHoeve]
Genre: traditional Celtic and other Western European music Musicians: 1 Instruments: accordion, melodeon, whistle Address: Zuidlaarderveen E-mail: eltjo@dds.nl Info: playing accordion and melodeon on markets and fairs. [iss.318,2010-01-06]
Genre: Atmospheric Celtic music [iss.321,2010-01-06][2010-10-26 wwwEnam]
Genre: Irish, Scottish and English ballads Instruments: 2 guitars, accordion Musicians: 3 Details: think of the songs of Christy Moore. Agency: Barndance Productions Tel.: 0596-682278/06-55900174 E-mail: barndance@wanadoo.nl WWW: http://www.barndance.nl/artiesten/erinsklep.htm [ET 2010-11-02]: DEAD LINK!!! [iss.259,2005-08-15][2002-03-10 Barndance]


The Fearless Goat Hunters.
Genre: Irish and Scottish traditional music Musicians: Renate Lammerts: vocal, guitar, bodhrán Paul van Wolferen: fiddle, mandola, vocal Toon van den Boogaard: guitar, vocal, bouzouki Address: Groningen E-mail: vanwolf1@xs4all.nl [iss.325,2010-11-02][2010-02-07 P.v.Wolferen]
Feasant Pluckers.
Genre: Irish folk Musicians: 3 Instruments: guitar, vocal, bouzouki, fiddle, harp, bass, mandolin, bodhrán Address: Arnhem WWW: http://feasantpluckers.com [ET 2010-11-02]: DEAD LINK!!! CD: "Holy Hour" (2002) [iss.241,2004-10-16][2004-10-12 RobN]
Genre: Irish folk Inpspired by: The Waterboys, Kepa Junkera, The Dubliners, Jack Lukeman Musicians: Arno Ruis: vocal, accordion Tessa Zoutendijk: fiddle, vocal Erik Poorterman: guitar, bodhrán, washboard, vocal Tel.: 053-4339026, 030-2382404 E-mail: boekingen@fiddlehead.nl CD: "Raw" (1999) [iss.193,2003-01-11][2002-12-23 Arno Ruis+WWW]
Filthy Nelly.
Genre:European Folkpunk
Inpspired by: Sex Pistols and The Pogues
Musicians:Henrik K:drums, percussion
Mark P:electric bass
Kristina B:accordion
Esmeralda:violin, tin-whistle
Fokke S:electric guitar, mandolin
Marco KataStrof:  lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Tel.:(+31) (0)6 41310444
Agenda itemsAgenda:
2011-04-30: Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
2011-05-04: Antwerp On Stage, Antwerpen (Be)
2011-06-04: Hoogte 80 Festival, Arnhem
2011-07-24: Minirok Festival, Stramproy
2011-09-03: Celtic Night, Geluwe (Be)
[iss.345,2011-01-31][2011-01-30 David McDavis]
See also direct link to Filthy Nelly's Agenda.
[iss.245,2005-01-04][2004-12-19 Marco]
Genre: trad. and contemporary music from Ireland, Schotland, Wales, Brittany and Galicia Musicians: 6 Instruments: flute, whistle, bouzouki, violin, bodhrán, keyboard, vocal, accordion, harp Tel.: 0113-227133 E-mail: finglas@zeelandnet.nl WWW: http://www.finglas.org [ET 2010-11-02]: DEAD LINK!!! [2002-07-28 Rob Bitter][iss.183,2002-08-06]
De Flagellanten.
Genre: choir with a lot of trad. Irish songs Type: Choir Address: Binnenpad 143, 8355BW Giethoorn Tel.: 0521-361874 E-mail: roboro@freeler.nl [2002-02-22 WWW]
Genre: trad. Celtic (Irish, Scottish) Musicians: 4 Instruments: uilleann pipes, bodhrán, guitar, bouzouki, vocal, fiddle, flute, low whistle, keyboards Address: Fling, Ids Wiersmastraat 8, 9153BS Brantgum Tel.: 0519-561397 Fax: 0519-561798 E-mail: info@flingmusic.com
Agenda items Agenda.
CDs: "The Wild Swans at Coole" (FLING CD 01, 1997), "The Blackbird" (4-C-U-B4-T-CUP8016, 2001) and "Lost In Dunkineely" (Music & Words CUP8032, 2006) "A ditch near Cree" (2011-01-22) [iss.342,2011-01-18][2006-12-04 Evertjan][2011-01-18 Annemarie+wwwFling]
FolkCollectief Brielle
Genre: europeana Musicians: 8 Instruments: bass, pipes, bodhrán, guitar, bouzouki, vocal, fiddle, panflute, whistle, accordion Address: Brielle E-mail: fc-brielle@hotmail.com
Agenda items Speellijst.
[iss.342,2011-01-18][2011-01-18 Hans Walgien]
Genre: Irish, English, and American folkmusic Musicians: Martin van Zijl: bassguitar, guitar, vocal Marianne Voet: vocal, guitar, piano-accordeon Address: Iordenstraat 26, 2012HC Haarlem Tel.: 06-29434339 E-mail: mariannevoet@hotmail.com WWW: http://www.footprintsonline.nl [ET 2010-11-02]: DEAD LINK!!! Demo CD: "The First Demo" (2003-07-29) [iss.274,2006-02-15][2006-02-10 Marianne]


Genre: traditional Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Breton) + folk music from other parts of our planet + own compositions Instruments: vocals, guitar, mandocello, banjo, bodhrán, harmonica, bouzouki, fiddle, cittern, mandolin, midisax, recorders. Musicians: 5 Address: Syltpier 24, 1506BX Zaandam Tel.: 075-6159080 E-mail: info@garlic-folk.nl MC: "Levend in "de Burcht"" (1996) CD: "Cloves" (1998), "Clann" (2004-10-10) [iss.240,2004-10-03][2004-09-27 Annelies]
Genre: Irish dance. Dancers: Fenneke van den Heuvel & Marieke Trienekens-Pellens [iss.324,2010-11-01][2009-12-15 Fenneke]
Gerard & Compagnie.
Genre: American folk Instruments: guitar, banjo, French accordion, upright bass, 5-string banjo, mandolin, 12-string guitar Musicians: 5 Details: think of the songs of Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly and Pete Seeger. Agency: Barndance Productions Tel.: 0596-682278/06-55900174 E-mail: barndance@wanadoo.nl WWW: http://www.barndance.nl [ET 2010-11-02]: DEAD LINK!!! [iss.259,2005-08-15][2002-03-10 Barndance]
['t Gevolg] 't Gevolg.
Genre: various, incl. Celtictrad. Musicians: Doortje Schroevers: violin, flute, vocal Hans van Deelen: guitar, vocal Marcel van der Vloet: melodeon, vocal Piet Karregat: banjo, vocal, guitar, whistle Address: Amsterdam and environs [iss.325,2010-11-02][2007-10-22 Hans van Deelen][2010-11-02 wwwtGev]
Gilles Rullmann.
Instruments: fiddle, guitar, vocals Musicians: 1 Genre: trad. Irish and more Adress: Haarlem Tel: 023-5257703, 06-28760345 E-mail: gillesrullmann@hotmail.com CD: "my eyes" (2002) Plays also in: various groups (see website) [2005-07-09 G.Rullmann][iss.258,2005-07-31]
Genre: Pan-Europese folk (bijna alleen eigen werk); mix van Oost-Europees, Keltisch, Frans/Vlaamse balfolk, enz... Tel.: +31 6 453 82 167 E-mail: info@gonnagles.nl [iss.336,2010-12-09][2010-12-03 Erik de Jong]
Green Hill Travellers.
Genre: Irish/Scottish folkmusic Musicians: 6 Instruments: vocal, guitar, fiddle, bass, percussion [iss.327,2010-11-04][2010-11-04 wwwGHT]
Genre: Irish, Scottish, English and Gronings (ballads) Musicians: Tineke Algra: accordion, portable harmonium Henk Drenth: vocal, guitar, bodhrán Kees de Vries: vocal, guitar, tin whistle, concertina Job Tielrooy: violin, banjo CD: "Grensgeval live" (1994) Address: postbus 1, 9860AA Grootegast Tel.: 0594-612521 E-mail: muziek@grensgeval.cjb.net WWW: http://grensgeval.cjb.net [ET 2010-11-24]: BROKEN LINK!!! [iss.252,2005-04-17][2005-04-17 Job Tielrooy]
Genre: Celtic music Musicians: Jenny van Diggelen: flute and whistle Guy Roelofs: fiddle, guitar and bouzouki Philip Masure: vocal, guitar Tel.: 076-5141835/5217885 E-mail: info@jennyvandiggelen.nl [iss.325,2010-11-02][2010-11-02 wwwGw en eerder JvD]


Genre: Scottish, Dutch and Gothic folkmusic Instruments: vocals, pipes, drum, percussion Musicians: 3 [iss.285,2006-10-03][2006-07-24 wwwHailander]
Hair of the Dog.
Genre: trad. Irish Instruments: vocals, guitar, fiddle, bodhrán, mandolin Musicians: 3 Tel.: 0252-221758 (John) E-mail: studio57@telekabel.nl, t.vandermeer02@chello.nl WWW: http://www.studio57.nl [ET 2010-11-02]: DEAD LINK!!! [iss.272,2006-02-09]
Harmony Glen:
Genre: traditional and contemporary Irish music.
Agenda items Agenda:

See also direct link to Harmony Glen's Agenda.
Musicians: Dominique Bentvelsen: double bass, backing vocals Nienke Bijker: guitar, lead vocals, spoons Vincent Pompe van Meerdervoort: squeeze box, bodhrán, lead vocals, cajon Sjoerd van Ravenzwaaij: tenor banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals Address: Postbus 63, 6700AB Wageningen Tel.: +31 6 24637507 E-mail: info@harmonyglen.com CDs: "Before Dawn (2006), "Streaming Tunes (2007), "Three Wheels" (2008) [iss.314,2009-01-17][2008-07-21 Sjoerd]
Henk van Kuijk.
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Various and trad. Irish Instruments: vocal, guitar Musicians: 1 [iss.220,2004-02-05][2004-01-28 Henk]
Hillbilly Rebels.
Genre: American and Irish folk, country, bluegrass, old-time American, folk, gospel and blues Musicians: 2 E-mail: ronald@songservice.com [iss.236,2004-07-15][2004-06-22 R.Welgemoed]
Genre: trad. Celtic Musicians: 4 Instruments: uilleann pipes, flute, whistle, concertina, fiddle, harp, guitar [iss.315,2009-11-21][2009-11-21 wwwHipes]
Genre: Expressive compositions based on English poems Musicians: Astrid Leuvering: vocals Hendrikje Balkenende: violin & singing saw Bas van Waard: cello Ed van Nunen: acoustic guitar & mandola Address: Adelaarsweg 127hs, 1022CB Amsterdam Tel.: +31 (0)20-6822205 E-mail: info@humusweb.nl CD: "Acquainted with the Night" (2007) [2007-04-03 Humus][iss.298,2007-04-12]


Irish Bones.
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: 2 E-mail: john.kamphuis@chello.nl [iss.251,2005-04-13][2005-04-13 J.Kamphuis]
Irish Club Dancers.
Genre: trad. Irish Address: The Irish Club - Netherlands, Barnsteen 14, 2719RR Zoetermeer Trainer: Sean Kilkenny Tel.: 070-3605331 E-mail: admin@kilkennyontap.com WWW: http://www.irishclub.nl Available for performances and available for workshops where you learn the basics of 'Reel Irish Dancing'. [iss.246,2005-01-06][2005-01-06 Sean]
Irish Red.
Genre: Irish (ballads, songs, slow airs, jigs, reels, own compositions) Status: Started in 2005 Musicians: Joost de Moel: vocals, bodhrán Ton Oudejans: vocals, guitar James Zwaag: piano, accordion
Agenda items Agenda:
See also direct link to Irish Red's Agenda.
Tel.: 06-13188274 (Joost de Moel, Alkmaar) E-mail: moel61@zonnet.nl, postmaster@irishredonline.nl, Ton@irishredonline.nl, Joost@irishredonline.nl, James@irishredonline.nl [iss.293,2007-02-27][2007-02-05 J.Zwaag]
Irish Stew.
Genre: Irish folk, shanties, American folk, Swamp, Frisian Musicians: Johan Juckers: vocal, guitar Ger Lamerus: vocal, guitar, tin whistle, box Wilt Dijk: double bass, mandolin, vocal Nils Koster: fiddle, vocal, guitar, double bass Tel.: 058-2151398 (Johan), 058-2560750 (Wilt) E-mail: wilt@irishstew.nl [2005-01-22 Nils][iss.247,2005-01-27]


J.A.I.T. (Just Another Irish Tradband)
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: Nienke Bijker: guitar, vocals Vincent Pompe van Meerdervoort: squeeze box, bodhrán, tin whistle, vocals Sjoerd van Ravenzwaaij: tenor banjo, guitar, tin whistle, vocals Address: postbus 63, 6700AB Wageningen Tel.: +31 6 24637507 E-mail: sjoerd@jaitband.com WWW: http://www.jaitband.com [ET 2010-11-02]: DEAD LINK!!! [iss.305,2007-10-25][2007-10-13 Vincent]
Janos Koolen.
Genre: Celtic Musicians: 1 (but playing with many people) Instruments: guitar, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer [iss.308,2008-05-13][2007-11-22 Janos]
Jennifer van der Harten.
Genre: Celtic Instruments: harp, hurdy-gurdy, bodhrán Address: Utrecht Email: Jenny@omnia-neocelt.com Plays also in: Omnia CD: "Beltaine" (2001) [iss.227,2004-03-15][2004-03-15 Jennifer]
Jenny Pluck Pears.
Genre: Irish/Scottish/Flamish,French folkmusic Musicians: 2 [iss.327,2010-11-04][2010-11-04 wwwJPP]
Genre: Traditonale folk with a punk touch Musician: 1 Details: from the Netherlands Tel.: 0031623374609 e-mail: info@jeroenaccordeon.nl [iss.318,2010-01-06][2009-02-05 Jeroen]
John O'Dreams.
Genre: Christy Moore, Luka Bloom, Shane MacGowan, trad. Irish songs Musicians: John O'Dreams: vocals, guitar, bodhrán Ed Veltrop: backing vocals, accordeon, piano Address: Kromme leimuidenstraat 6 hs, 1059EM Amsterdam Tel.: 06-51298336 E-mail: johnodreams@freemail.nl, j.flierman1@chello.nl [iss.316,2009-12-01][2009-07-26 John]
The Jolly Beggars.
Genre: trad. Irish E-mail: hans@jollybeggars.nl [iss.251,2005-04-13][2005-03-23 H.Kortekaas]
Jules Bitter (& Friends).
Genre: Celtic Instruments: flute, whistle Adress: Torenring 36, 4458BC, 's Heer Arendskerke Tel: 0113-562806 E-mail: julesbit@zeelandnet.nl CDs: "Druid Dance" (2002), "Nehalennia Suite" (2005), "Neeltje en Zoutbaard", "The Irish Beat Conductor", "The Hill of Women" (2010)(with Tom Acton) [iss.328,2010-11-07]


Kees Ouwejan & Makkers.
Genre: -Trad. and contemparary Irish, Scottish, English, North American -Music from around the world -Songs about the sea, sea shanties (in English, Dutch, French) -Dutch cabaret-songs. Instruments: vocals, guitar, fiddle, accordeon, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin Musicians: 4/3/2 Address: Kees Ouwejan, Spaarnestraat 34, 2314TN Leiden Tel.: 071-5892841 (Kees)/071-5323192 (Peer van der Burgh) E-mail: kouwejan@wxs.nl LP: "Kees Ouwejan & Makkers Live" (PAN 119, 1986)(rec.1985) [2009-11-13 Hendrik-Jan][iss.316,2009-12-01]
Kelten Zonder Grenzen.
Genre: balfolk/folk (voornamelijk eigen composities) Instruments: harp, hurdy gurdy & fiddle Musicians: Lies Sommer, Coca Román van Dongen & Renske Duijm guests: Rutger van Krieken (drums) & Fieke van der Hurk (accordion, hurdy gurdy & hammered dulcimer) Adress: Thomas a Kempisweg 17, 3532CA Utrecht Tel.: 06-50252469 E-mail: info@keltenzondergrenzen.nl [iss.335,2010-12-02][2010-12-02 Coca]
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: 5 Instruments: vocal, concertina, guitar, bouzouki, whistle, fiddle, double bass, bodhrán.
Agenda items Agenda:
See direct link to Kilshannig's Agenda.
Address: Jan Postma, Lobeliastraat 198, 1616XP Hoogkarspel Tel.: 0228-563869 E-mail: all@kilshannig.nl CDs: "Our Chief Delight" (BUFO 1002, 1997) and "On Holy Ground" (BUFO 1003, 2007) [iss.321,2010-10-26][2010-10-26 wwwKilsh]

Genre: trad. Irish, Scottish and various.
Agenda items Agenda:
See also direct link to Knijn's Agenda with links to the venues.
Musicians: Victor Arnolds: accordion, died on 2000-11-15 John Cameron-Webb: guitar, vocal Carin Greve: violin Hans van Hees: guitar, vocal Louis van Hees: guitar, mandolin, vocal Marjolijn l'Herminez: tin whistle, concert flute, German flute Gerard Wortel: stampie, bodhrán, double bass, vocal Address: Gerard Wortel, Kerkstraat 1, 3755CK Eemnes Tel.: 035-5311805/6026618 E-mail: dewortels@euronet.nl, info@knijn-folk.nl CDs: "Mixamitasis", "Als je van d'Ieren houdt" (1998), "Zet 'm op" (2005, live) [iss.247,2005-01-27][2005-01-12 Gerard]
Genre: Celtic folk music, mostly traditional Irish and Scottish songs Instruments: uillean pipes, Scottish small pipes, bodhrán, squeeze box, guitar, whistle, recorder, vocal Musicians: Arnoud (pipes), Hans E (vocals), Hans N (guitar) Agency: none, book us through our site! Tel.: 070-3907374 / 06-51306577 E-mail: hansn@krek.nu CD: "1", "Charley's Farewell" [iss.214,2003-10-17][2003-10-13 H.Nijman]
Genre: Irish traditional dance [iss.314,2009-01-17][2008-08-29 Caroline Vermeulen]


Instruments: vocal, guitar, tin whistle Musicians: 2 [2008-10-28 WWW][iss.311,2008-10-29]
Linde Nijland.
Genre: trad. Celtic Musicians: 1 (or more) Instruments: vocal, guitar [iss.315,2009-11-21][2009-11-21 www.linde]
The Lowland Paddies.
Genre: traditional and contemporary Irish music Instruments: vocals, guitars, tin whistle, banjo, mandolin, bodhrán, accordion, etc. Musicians: Hanneke Nagtzaam, Albert-Jan Verhees, Dennis Heijt, Robbert and Jasper Langenberg. Tel.: 06-41811725 E-mail: bookings@lowlandpaddies.nl [iss.267,2005-12-31][2005-12-31 Albert-Jan]


Genre: own composed folktunes, influenced by Irish and English folk with Dutch folk and jazz.
Agenda items Agenda:
See direct link to Maalstroom's Agenda.
Musicians: Michel Duijves: clarinet, bassclarinet Paul Pallesen: guitar, bouzouki Gilles Rullmann: fiddle Wim Poesen: flutes, bagpipes Job Cornelissen: vocal, bodhrán, bones E-mail: mm.pigeonsnail@quicknet.nl Tel.: 023-5283226 CD: "Face in the Water" (2001) [iss.270,2006-01-19][2006-01-17 M.Duijves]
Genre: Irish traditional folk music Instruments: guitar, banjo, mandolin, accordion, Scottish small pipes, uilleann pipes, bodhrán, spoons, bass, cittern, bouzouki Musicians: 5 Adress: Hoogezand-Sappemeer E-mail: info@machair-folk.nl [2010-11-13 M.Judkins][iss.330,2010-11-13]
Martin Judkins.
Genre: Celtic Folkmusic, Iers, Scots, Welsh, English Instruments: fiddle, mandolin, tenor banjo, spoons, harmonica Musicians: 1 Adress: Groningen Tel.: +31 638334264 E-mail: martin@judkins.org Plays in: Machair-Folk CD: "Celtic songs and music" (2001) [2010-11-13 M.Judkins][iss.330,2010-11-13]
Genre: Celtic Folk Music Instruments: guitar, stompchest, harmonica, song Musicians: 1 Adress: Westzaan E-mail: mchollander@yahoo.co.uk [iss.324,2010-11-01][2009-10-27 McHollander]
McSweeney Traditional Irish Dancers (MacSuibhne Rinceori).
Genre: trad. Irish set dance Tel.: 0347-320316 (Peter-Paul van den Boomen)
Michael Collins.
Genre: trad. music from England, Scotland, Ireland, Nederland and USA; entertainment, demonstrations of musical instruments, etc. Instruments: vocals, guitar, epinette, bodhrán, bones, dancing puppet, autoharp Musicians: 1 Adress: Moskou 1, 8435VK Donkerbroek Tel: 0516-491900 E-mail: mjcollins@wxs.nl Info: PA-installation available [2002-05-02 M.Collins][iss.177,2002-05-06]
Mind the Midgie.
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: Wendy Seager: vocal, piano, bodhrá:n Auke Hofstra: guitar Michel Duijves: clarinet, tin whistle, piano Paul Pallesen: banjo, guitar, bouzouki Judith Kolen: fiddle See: Maalstroom (same contact address) [iss.324,2010-11-01][2010-04-21 Paul]
Molly Malone.
Genre: Irish/celtic folkmusic Musicians: 5 Address: Amsterdam [iss.327,2010-11-04][2010-11-04 wwwML]
The MylesBrothers.
Genre: Celtic music Musicians: 4 brothers, including David Myles Instruments: 3 highland pipes and drum [iss.344,2011-01-29][2011-01-29 wwwML]


Namasté. See Clachán
Genre: trad. music from Ireland, Scotland and Galicia Adress: Maarssen [iss.269,2006-01-17][2006-01-11 WWW]
Nienke van Leijden.
Instrument: Celtic harp Musicians: 1 [iss.278,2006-04-10][2005-10-10 Michiel Brentjens]
Noel Shannon.
Genre: contemporary Irish folk/traditional and original Instruments: vocals, guitar Musicians: 1 Adress: Nederland Tel: 038-4541780 Mobile: 06-23619839 Fax: 038-4539110 E-mail: n.shannon@home.nl CD: "Best Foot Forward" (Nov.2001) [iss.185,2002-09-08][2002-08-27 N.Shannon]
No Frontiers.
Genre: Irish folksongs and ballads, with female singer. Instruments: vocals, guitar, fiddle Musicians: 3 [iss.338,2010-12-23][2010-12-23 wwwNF]


O'Branons - Irish Traditional Music
Musicians: Ger Cloosterman: accordion, whistle, bodhrán Titus Kraakman: guitar, 6-string-banjo, vocals, bodhrán Geert Titsing: fiddle Loes Bakker: Irish wooden flute, whistle, uilleann pipes E-mail: tituskraakman@planet.nl Tel.: 0653993633 See also: Cathair na Mart [iss.305,2007-10-25][2007-10-20 Titus]
Ogham. [Wikipedia]
Genre: Traditional Scottish and some Irish Tel.: 013-5343628 (Joost van Gils) Email: info@ogham.nl
Genre: Irish traditional dance Leader: Marieke Trienekens-Pellens Address: Eindhoven [iss.236,2004-07-15][2004-07-06 M.Kuijs]
Old Firm.
Genre: Scottisch folkrock [iss.259,2005-08-15][2005-08-15 www]
Old Scratch Band.
Genre: trad. Old Time USA Instruments: 5-string banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and box Musicians: 4 Address: Jan Vader, Linnaeusparkweg 117, 1098CV Amsterdam Tel. 020-6941438 E-mail: Jan.Vader@questintl.com
Omnia: [Wikipedia]
Genre: NeoCeltic PaganFolk Musicians: 5 Instruments: neoCeltic harp, war drums & surdoo, vocals, bodhrán, (double) whistle, slideridoo, bouzouki, cittern, aulos, mouth harp, sansula, horns, guitar, drums, hurdy gurdy and more
Agenda items Agenda:
See direct link to Omnia's Agenda.
[iss.321,2010-10-26][2010-10-26 wwwOmnia and earlier mails]
Onno Kuipers. [Wikipedia]
Genre: trad. Irish, Cajun and a lot more Musicians: 1 (but playing with many people) Instruments: piano-accordion, melodeon, whistle, vocal, pipes [iss.309,2008-05-21][2008-05-21 wwwOnno]
Genre: balfolk Instruments: harp, 2 hurdy gurdies, flutes, 12-stringed guitar, electric guitar, theremin, drums, bass guitar, bass clarinet. Musicians: Lies Sommer, Marco van Asperen, Richard van den Hoven, Erica van Brenk, Jesse de Vaal Adress: Grotewaard 38, 4225SL, Noordeloos Tel.: 06-20296346 E-mail: info@orfeofolk.nl [iss.338,2010-12-23][2010-12-20 Lies]
Genre: Irish, Scottish and old Dutch songs Instruments: vocal, accordeon, violin, guitar, bass guitar. Musicians: 8 singers and 5 instrumentalists Adress: Zaanstreek [iss.343,2011-01-20][2010-12-20 wwwOutcider]


Paddy's Passion.
Genre: trad. Irish folksongs Musicians: 4 Instruments: vocals, melodeon, bodhran CD: "Beyond Shores" (Nov. 2001) [iss.305,2007-10-25][2007-10-02 Bert Hobo]
Paddy's Return.
Genre: trad. and contemporary music from Ireland, Schotland, Wales, Brittany and Galicia Musicians: 3 + guest musicians Instruments: flute, whistle, bouzouki, violin, bodhrán, keyboard, vocal Tel.: 0113-227133 E-mail: paddys@mediatormedia.com WWW: http://www.paddysreturn.cc [ET 2010-11-02]: DEAD LINK!!! [2002-07-28 Rob Bitter][iss.183,2002-08-06]
Genre: Celtic trad. and own compositions Musicians: 2 Instruments: harp, guitar WWW: http://www.parsley.nl CD: "The Changeling" (2008) [iss.308,2008-05-13][2008-03-22 Marieke]
The Parting Glass.
Genre: Scottish and Irish folk music for parties, pubs & celebrations Instruments: vocals, guitar, mandolin, accordion Musicians: 3 Email: partingglass@uitierland.nl WWW: http://www.partingglass.uitierland.nl [ET 2010-11-02]: DEAD LINK!!! [iss.282,2006-07-04][2006-05-30 Arjo Meijering]
Pater Moeskroen.
Genre: folky "pretpop" (fun-pop music), inspired on Irish folkmusic, with a lot of humouristic texts
Paul Martin.
Genre : Irish Folk/contemporary Instruments: vocals, guitar Musicians:   1 CD: "Nollaig" (Christmas CD, 2002) [iss.341,2011-01-15][2011-01-15 wwwPM --> alive again]
Paul O'Brien.
Genre: Irish/Singer Songwriter Instruments: vocals, guitar Musicians: 1 CDs: "Songs From The North Lotts", "New Chronica Dublin". [iss.308,2008-05-13][2008-05-14 WWWsite and CD]
Peer van der Burgh.
Genre: Maritime music, Irish Ballads, French Musette and chansons, International, Dutch, Swing. Instruments: vocal, guitar, accordeon Musicians: 1 Email: peermusic@hotmail.com Also member of Kees Ouwejan & Makkers and Windkracht 8 [2003-10-01 Peer][iss.213,2003-10-10]
The Primrose Way.
Genre: trad. Irish and Schottish Musicians: 5 Instruments: banjo, guitar, mandolin, melodeon, accordion, whistle, flute, fiddle, washboard, bodhrán, kleppers, spoons, snare drum Address: Jock Shaw, Alkmaarsingel 226, 6843WR Arnhem Tel.: 026-3815607/06-24439041 E-mail: jock@theprimroseway.nl WWW: http://www.theprimroseway.nl DEAD LINK [iss.321,2010-10-26][2004-07-16 Jock][2010-10-26 wwwPW]



Rachel Ann Morgan.
Genre: Welsh trad. and also English, Irish and Scottish trad. Instruments: neo-Celtic harp, vocal Musicians: 1 [iss.285,2006-10-03][2006-09-26 wwwRAM]
Rapalje: [Wikipedia]
Genre: Irish, Scottish and Dutch Folk Music Musicians: 4, including David Myles Instruments: fiddle, melodeon, harmonica, whistle, pipes, vocal, bodhran, bouzouki, tea-chest-bass
Agenda items Agenda: (only the next 5 gigs)

See direct link to Rapalje's agenda with all gigs.
Address: Rapalje v.o.f, Achterdiep Noordzijde 32, 9611BT Sappemeer Tel.: 06-53709303 E-mail: info@rapalje.com Fan Forum: http://www.dutchcelts.com [iss.344,2011-01-29][2011-01-29 wwwRap]
The Redmond School of Irish Dancing - Display Group.
Genre: trad. Irish Address: The Redmond School of Irish Dancing, Lodderlandsedijk 8, 3235KK Rockanje Trainer: Catherine Redmond Tel.: 0181-404400 E-mail: http://www.funtodanceirish.nl They used to be accompanied by Shannon Breeze [iss.127,2002-02-13][2002-01-28 mail R.Conijn, 2002-02-06 WWW]
The Red Rose of Lochbuie Pipes & Drums.
Genre: trad. Scottish Instruments: pipes and drums Musicians: many (also available as solo, duo, trio etc.) Address: P.O.Box 1235, 2280CE Rijswijk E-mail: info@redroseoflochbuie.nl [2002-07-23 Marc][iss.182,2002-07-25]
The Reel World.
Genre: folkmusic from Engeland, Schotland, Ireland, North America Instruments: vocal, accordion, tin whistle, flute, uilleann pipes, keyboard, low whistle, Northumbrian smallpipes, bouzouki, mandolin, bodhrán, guitar Address: Gerrit de Vries, Kamgras 79, 8935ED Leeuwarden Tel.: 058-2886469 E-mail: g.devries1@chello.nl, youngmen@zonnet.nl [iss.209,2003-07-22][2003-07-17 E.Menger]
Genre: Irish folkrock (like Pogues). Musicians: Niels Hanssen: lead vocal, stunts, guitar Roy Holtman: conga's, percussion, screams Tim van den Hombergh: whistle, low whistle, accordion, altsaxophone Mark Langohr: bass guitar Ron Spee: guitar, fiddle, vocal Ruud Spee: banjo, guitar, accordion, vocal Stephan Siepermann: drums WWW: http://www.riverflow.nl BROKEN LINK!!! E-mail: info@riverflow.demon.nl Does Not Work!!! [iss.212,2003-08-25][2003-08-09/13 WWW/mailtest]
Robert Pfeiffer.
Genre: Irish Traditional and also music from the 60/70ties Instruments: vocal, guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, whistle, bodhrán Musicians: 1 Also in: playes regularly with Mark Gilligan, Onno Kuipers and Peter Kelly Adres: Zanglijster 28, 1606CP Venhuizen Tel.: 06-2950 3980 E-mail: robertpfeiffer@live.nl [iss.329,2010-11-11][2010-11-11 Robert]
Rob van Leersum.
Genre: guitar - songwriter Instruments: 6 & 12 string guitar Tel.: 087-8765152 E-mail: ervanel@xs4all.nl [iss.324,2010-11-01][2009-12-18 Rob]
Rolling Home.
Genre: folk Type: folkchoir Instruments: vocals (+/- 35 people), guitars, flute, fiddle, accordion, tin whistle, bodhrán, etc. Address: Secretaris Rolling Home, Leeuwarderkade 7m, 8603CB Sneek Tel.: 0515-418490 E-mail: f.s.visser@home.nl [2007-12-31 Martin Judkins][iss.308,2008-05-13]
Genre: trad. Celtic Musicians: Marjolijn Poppink: fiddle Thijs Rührup: cittern, mandolin, guitar, vocal Frenk van Hooff: cittern, fiddle, mandolin optionally: extra bodhrán and/or bass guitar Address: Thijs Rührup, Cornelis v/d Lijn str. 248, 2593NR Den Haag Tel.: 070-3473044/0651-369261 E-mail: maestro@thijs-ruhrup.com WWW: http://www.thijs-ruhrup.com [iss.246,2005-01-06][2004-12-23 T.Ruhrup]


Salty Dog.
Genre: Irish folk Instruments: vocal, guitar Musicians: Maarten Willems and friend [iss.336,2010-12-09][2010-12-03 Karin Pronk]
Instruments: warpipes, drums Musicians: 6 [2008-10-28 WWW][iss.311,2008-10-29]
Schylger Stout.
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: Jan Gerrits: vocals, guitar, harmonica, bodhrán, tin whistle Edgar Smit: vocals, guitar, double bass, banjo, mandolin, guitouki Frans Rosenberg: vocals, bass guitar and perccusion Renske Duijm: vocals, violin, mandolin, banjo Albert Dijk: vocals, mandolin, banjo, harmonica Rene de Beer: vocals, guitar, mandolin, accordeon, tinwhistle, percussion and more Address: Terschelling Tel.: 0562-448996 (frans Rosenberg), 0591-629249 (Edgar Smit) E-mail: rosenbergjes@cs.com, info@demuzikant.com [iss.271,2006-01-25][2006-01-20 EdgarSmit]
The Scholar. [Wikipedia]
Genre: trad. Irish, singer/songwriter Musicians: 1 Instruments: uilleann pipes, guitar, vocal Address: Enschede E-mail: rob.ahoewa@gmail.com CD: "Crystal Veil" (Stemra C12446) [iss.314,2009-01-17][2008-05-25 RvD]
Genre: Scottish folk Instruments: vocal, guitar Musicians: 2 [iss.338,2010-12-23][2010-12-23 wwwScree]
Genre: powerfolk Musicians: 6 Instruments: vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, accordion, drums, bagpipes, whistle, fiddle [iss.338,2010-12-23][2010-12-23 wwwScrum]
Sean Canning.
Genre: Irish folk music E-mail: scanning@iae.nl
Genre: folk music from Ireland, Scotland, England and America, 5-piece band.
Agenda items Agenda:
See direct link to Selkie's Agenda.
[iss.321,2010-10-26][2010-10-26 wwwSelkie]
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: Henny Besling: vocal, guitar, keyboard Eef van Hasselt: fiddle Liesbeth Slieker: accordion, vocal Ans Goorden: flute, tin wistle, guitar, vocal Rene Adriaansen: guitar, vocal Address: Liesbeth Slieker, Meilustweg 40, 4614EA Bergen op Zoom Tel.: 0164-237815
Genre: Irish and Scottish songs Type: Choir (Kamerkoor) Conductor: Ben Dijkhuis Address: Doortje Moes Tel.: 0227-541925/06-52071909 [iss.323,2010-10-31][2010-10-26 Ben Dijkhuis]
Siard de Jong. [Wikipedia]
Genre: trad. Irish and more Instruments: fiddle, banjo, cittern, vocals, whistle and more Musicians: 1 (but playing with many people) [iss.213,2003-10-10][2003-10-07 Siard]
Simply Green.
Genre: trad. Irish Instruments: vocals, guitar, flute, whistle, bodhrán, spoons, 2 fiddles, mandolin, uillean pipe, didgeridoo Musicians: 4 Tel.: 06-44976484/06-50288208/070-3979344/070-3600524 E-mail: jwijk@planet.nl [iss.308,2008-05-13][2008-02-09 Jeroen]
Genre: Celtic folkmusic [2008-10-28 WWW][iss.311,2008-10-29]
SoNaS Project.
Genre: trad. Irish Musicians: varying depending on gig and availability of musicians Address: 's-Heerenberg and environs Tel.: 0314-665903, 06-51400159 (Hans) E-mail: sonasproject@kpnmail.nl [iss.315,2009-11-21][2009-11-13 Hans Koershuis]
Star of the North Ceili Band.
Genre: trad. Irish dance music. Musicians: 10 Instruments: 4 fiddles, 2 melodeons, piano, banjo, flute, percussion Address: prov. Groningen [iss.321,2010-10-26][2010-10-26 WWW_SotN]
Genre: trad. Irish and more Musicians: 5 Instruments: uilleann pipes, whistle, fiddle, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, percussion
Agenda items Agenda:
See direct link to Stargazer's agenda.
[iss.324,2010-11-01][2010-07-20 Stargazer]
Genre: Irish folk with a twist; traditionals, contemporary (i.e. Levellers, Pogues) and a few of our own Musicians: Marcel van Bergen: vocals, guitar, drums Marc Holtman: accordion Paddy Vervoort: vocals, washboard, bodhrán Alan Rigter: vocals, rattle, djembe Address: A. Rigter, Huigenbos 934, 1102KA Amsterdam-Zuidoost Tel.: 020-6096888 / 06-44886376 E-mail: a.rigter1@chello.nl [2002-10-28 A.Rigter][iss.189,2002-10-30]
Genre: shanties and seasongs from England, Scotland and Ireland Instruments: guitar, concertina Musicians: 3 [iss.329,2010-11-11][2010-11-11 wwwStowaway]
Genre: Irish Instruments: harp, guitar Musicians: 2 CDs: "New Life" (SUN01 1999), "Initials" (SYM01), Essence (SYM02)


The Teetotallers.
Genre: Trad.Irish Instruments: vocal, percussion, guitar, fiddle, bohrán, whistle, harmonica, recorder Musicians: 4 E-mail: teetotallers@live.nl [iss.339,2011-01-04][2010-12-24 Tttllrs]
Throat Wobbler Mangrove.
Genre: trad. Irish Adress: Eindhoven [iss.324,2010-11-01][checked ET 2010-11-01]
Genre: Irish, American and Dutch folk Musicians: 2 [iss.338,2010-12-23][2010-12-23 wwwTilia]
Genre: Trad.Irish Instruments: vocal, accordion, percussion, guitar, double bass, tin whistle, Musicians: 11 Adress: Gouda [iss.324,2010-11-01][2010-07-31 Theo Geels]
Genre: Irish folkmusic Musicians: 4 [iss.328,2010-11-07][2010-11-07 wwwTuras]
The Twangmen.
Genre : Irish Folk/contemporary Musicians: Paul Martin: guitar, 5-string banjo, vocals Mark Gilligan: tin whistle, wind modulator, bodhrán, clarinet, vocals Onno Kuipers: accordion, mandolin, guitar, vocal harmonies See WWW: http://www.paulmartin.nl [ET,2010-11-03]: DEAD LINK!!! CDs: "Twangmen - Favourites" and "Nollaig" (autumn 2002)(Christmas CD) [2002-10-31 WWWpaulMartin][iss.190,2002-10-31]


Uncle Nobby.
Genre: music from Ireland & Scotland Musicians: 4 Adress: The Netherlands Tel.: 06-23940287(Victor) E-mail: vraag@unclenobby.nl [iss.338,2010-12-23][2010-12-19 Victor]
Genre: trad. Celtic, klezmer, bluegrass, Dutch, etc. Karin Bakker: vocals, violin, viola Monique Bosse: lead vocals, bodhrán, percussion John Kuiper: vocals, guitar, banjo Martien Tijburg: piano accordions Address: Martien Tijburg, Rietakker 19, 1679VB Midwoud Tel.: 0229-202315 or 0229-214228 E-mail: unicorn@hetnet.nl CD: "Travelling Through" (2000?) [iss.339,2011-01-04][2010-02-21 M.Tijburg+2011-01-04 wwwUc]


Velvet Breeze.
Genre: crossover from British and American folk Instruments: guitars Musicians: 2 Agency: Barndance Productions Tel.: 0596-682278/06-55900174 E-mail: barndance@wanadoo.nl WWW: http://www.barndance.nl [ET,2010-11-03]: DEAD LINK!!! [iss.259,2005-08-15][2002-03-10 Barndance]
Genre: English, Irish and Scottish traditionals professionally and creatively arranged. Semi acoustic. Musicians: Caroline Dijkman: vocals en tin whistle Steven Schoevaart: vocals Nelleke Odekerken: lute, mandoline, guitar and vocals Fer Vissers: guitar Maurice Hundscheidt: guitar Edith Engelen: cello Pernelle van Loon: cello Petra Nelissen: recorders Foppe Jacobi: bayan and English concertina Jean Innemee: acoustic bass guitar Rinie Houben-Loenders: percussion, recorders and vocals [2006-10-31][iss.298,2007-04-12]


Genre: shanty choir with a lot of trad. Irish songs Type: Choir Address: Westerbroek [iss.267,2005-11-24][2005-11-17 Marten Boven]
It Willehúske.
Genre: trad. Irish, American, Frisian and own Frisian songs Musicians: 3 Instruments: vocal, accordion, guitar, banjo, melodeon Address: Friesland Tel.: 058-2553131 [iss.321,2010-10-26][2003-04-10 P.Siemensma][update 2010-10-26 wwwWillehuske]
Whitby Catch.
Genre: Irish/celtic folkmusic Musicians: 5 [iss.327,2010-11-04][2010-11-04 wwwWC]




Stopped and Hibernating.

(The links and e-mail addresses could be broken!!!)
Genre: Irish folk songs, for pubs and small venues Musicians: Siebe Bosch: zang, accordeon Arjo Meijering: gitaar, zang Status: Stopped before oct.2010. E-mail: hotfolk@hotmail.com WWW: http://www.ierse-folk.nl [2010-10-20 Wesley][iss.321,2010-10-26]
Genre: Celtic folkmusic - trad. Irish/Scottish/English. Musicians: Hanneke Hogenboom, Tom v.d.Meys. Status: Stopped in 2005 E-mail: TomvanderMeijs@quicknet.nl [2006-05-27 Tom][iss.282,2006-07-04]
Genre: Irish, Scottish and Dutch folk Musicians: Edgar Smit: vocals, guitar, double bass, banjo, mandolin Renske Duijm: vocals, fiddle, mandolin, banjo Albert Dijk: vocals, mandolin, banjo, harmonica Jan Gerrits: vocals, guitar, harmonica, bodhrán, tin whistle, cajong, bass guitar Status: Stopped in beginning of 2006 and all members are now in Schylger Stout Adres: Emmen [iss.271,2006-01-25][2006-01-20 EdgarSmit]
Atlantic Fringe.
Genre: trad. Irish/Scottish/North American. Status: Stopped after Jack Schroevers' dead 2009-05-20. Instruments: 4 fiddles, bouzouki, 5-str.banjo, tin whistle, vocals, guitar. Musicians: Anneke Eijkelboom, Michiel Hekkens, Judith Kolen, Tom v.d. Meys, Jack Schroevers, Nynke de Vries. E-mail: jackschr@wxs.nl {iss.322,2010-10-27]
Genre: trad. Irish songs and tunes Status: Stopped in 2004. Musicians: Jacquelin Nolan: vocals (born in Dublin) Loes Bakker: Irish flute, whistle and uilleann pipes Robert Pfeiffer: banjo, guitar, vocals, bodhrán Jack Schroevers: fiddle, bouzouki Address: Hartweg 17, 1733EW Nieuwe Niedorp Tel.: 0226-411413 E-mail: jackschr@wxs.nl [iss.240,2004-10-03][2004-09-26 J.Schroevers]
Genre: Irish folk songs, for pubs and small venues Status: Stopped 2010 Musicians: Ed van Dijk: vocal, guitar Martine Krantz: low whistle, tin whistle, bodhrán Ger Cloosterman: low whistle, tin whistle, accordion, bodhrán Tel.: 0299-374128 / 06-14789905 E-mail: gercloosterman@hotmail.com [iss.322,2010-10-27]
Genre: trad. Irish and other Celtic Status: Started Feb.2005. Stopped Dec.2006 Musicians: Anthony de Waal: cittern, low mandolin, whistle, flute, bodhrán, vocal Egbertien van Langeveld: lead vocal, bodhrán Eltjo Toorn: whistle, melodeon, accordion Eric Hendriks: guitar, bouzouki Geert Titsing: fiddle, violin Address: Monnickendam, Drachten, Zuidlaarderveen, Amsterdam. E-mail: eltjo@dds.nl [iss.319,2010-01-28]
Genre: trad. Irish  Musicians: Marc van Daal: uilleann pipes, tin whistle, vocals Frenk van Hooff: bouzouki, mandoline Jan van Stigt: guitar Thierry Masure: fiddle, bodhrán Tel.: 0416-334976 E-mail: uilleann@hi.nl WWW: http://www.uilleann.nl/pipes/marc Recordings: CD available. Status: Stopped somewhere in 2001.
Genre: Irish and old Dutch folk Musicians: Gerard de Haan: vocal, guitar, bass guitar Gert Doek: vocal, guitar, mandola, mandolin, banjo Jeanet Doek: vocal, guitar, mandola, mandolin, tin whistle Albert Sterenborg: vocal, drums Adres: Jeanet Doek, Europaweg 138a, 7761AL Schoonebeek Tel.: 0524-531055 E-mail: jg.doek@wxs.nl WWW: http://www.listen.to/boes Status: Stopped end of 2005. [2005-11-17 J.Doek][iss.267,2005-11-24]
Genre: maritime music, etc. Instruments: vocals, guitar, fiddle, accordeon, concertina Musicians: Bert Aalbers & Jos Koning Status: Stopped. Bert Aalbers died 2007-02-20. See: http://www.popinstituut.nl/biografie/crackerhash.5554.html [iss.311,2008-10-29]
Genre: trad. Irish CD: "Kilshannig" (1993) Status: Existed from 1984 to 1995.
Genre: Celtic. Status: Stopped beginning of 2005. Musicians: Nienke van Leijden: Celtic Harp Janos Koolen: guitar, vocal Wilbert Luyben: acoustic bass Caroline Lindenbergh: vocals (Gaelic) Ruud Adam: Irish flute, whistle Lenneke Willems: fiddle Co Spinhoven: uilleann pipes Tel.: 0318-646215 E-mail: spinh@bos.nl [iss.266,2005-11-16][2005-11-16 C.Spinhoven]
Cathair na Mart (Westport)
Genre: trad. Celtic Status: Existed 2006-2007 Musicians: Ger Cloosterman: accordion, wistle, bodhrán Titus Kraakman: vocals, guitar, banjo Geert Titsing: fiddle Eltjo Toorn: melodeon, accordion, whistle, harmonica Ruud Schreijer: vocals, guitar, bodhrán, whistle E-mail: ruud@cranerepair.com Tel.: 06-51598433 See also: O'Branons [iss.318,2010-01-06][2010-01-06 Eltjo]
Celtic Posse.
Genre: trad. Celtic Status: Stopped in Spring of 2000 (but sometimes they appear to have gigs ?!?) E-mail: augusmat@westbrabant.net (not answered)
Celtic Shores.
Genre: trad. and contemporary music from Ireland, Schotland, Wales, Brittany and Galicia Status: Stopped in 2002 Musicians: 4 Instruments: flute, whistle, uilleann pipes, highland pipes, bouzouki, violin, bodhrán, keyboard, vocal Tel.: 0113-227133 [2002-07-28 Rob Bitter][iss.183,2002-08-06]
Choir 't Chorister.
Genre: Celtic songs Status: Stopped in 2010 Conductor: Ed van Dijk Training: Every Tuesday evening, 20:00-22:00 h, "Het Hof van Medemblick", Kaasmarkt, Medemblik Members: 15 Address: Angelina Vervoorn, Kruisstraat 10e, 1671CM Medmblik Tel.: 0227-545756 [iss.323,2010-10-31]][2010-10-26 Ben Dijkhuis]
Genre: traditional and contemporary music from Ireland and other countries Status: Stopped end 2007. Musicians: Hinke Nauta (Zevenaar): vocals, guitar, percussion Hans Koershuis ('s-Heerenberg): vocals, guitar, bodhrán, cajon, percussion Claar van Leeuwe (Huissen): flute, tin whistle, vocals Ben Menting (Doetinchem) : accordeon Joop Kaasjager (Velp): guitar, mandolin, vocals Rob Kuulkers (Zevenaar): bass, vocals Bookings: Hans Koershuis, tel.:06-46185044 Rob Kuulkers, tel.:0316-841230/06-45182300 E-mail: info@chraic.nl WWW: http://www.chraic.nl [2007-12-10 Rob Kuulkers][iss.306,2007-12-14]
(previously "Celtic Delight") Genre: Irish traditional music and song Status: Last gig was 2005-05-27 2 people go on with Drumlin Musicians: Sinnead Dempsey (Co.Kildare): vocals, bodhrán Paul O'Brien (Dublin): vocals, guitar, Irish bouzouki, laud, bodhrán Ellen Lagerwerf: button accordion, tin whistle Theo Wentink: fiddle, banjo CD: Demo-CD (2004) [iss.265,2005-11-15][2005-11-11 Theo]
Crackerhash. [Wikipedia]
Genre: Celtic, Dutch. Instruments: vocals, guitar, fiddle, accordeon, concertina, whistle, bass Musicians: 3 - 4 Status: Stopped. Bert Aalbers died 2007-02-20. See: http://www.popinstituut.nl/biografie/crackerhash.5554.html [iss.311,2008-10-29]
Genre: Irish Status: Stopped somewhere around 2000 Instruments: fiddle, mandolin, banjo, Celtic harp, guitar, bodhrán Musicians: 2/3 Adress: Wouter Hofman, Raamstraat 25, 7411CS Deventer Tel.: 0570-641628 [iss.262,2005-09-28][2005-09-18 Pieter Smits]
Cross Country Dance Band.
Genre: trad. English and Scottish Musicians: 4 or 5 Instruments: melodeon, fiddle, whistle, harmonica, trombone, concertina, pipes, guitar, bassguitar, percussion, caller. Status: Hibernating Adress: Leiden E-mail: ghstnw2@hotmail.com [iss.170,2002-03-02][2002-02-28 Steenweg]
Genre: Irish folk punk like the Pogues and the Waterboys Status: Stopped in 2003 Musicians: Jasper Kooper: fiddle, 12-string mandolin Robin Hooijboer: vocals, guitar Daniel van Leersum: drums Ewoud Kieft: vocals, guitar Isaak Muller: tin whistle, low whistle, flute Arno Hooijboer: bassguitar Adress: Amsterdam E-mail: curling_live@hotmail.com CD: "the virgin takes" [iss.218,2003-11-30]
The Dawn.
Genre: trad. Irish and Scottish. Instruments: vocals, guitar, 2 bouzoukis, concert flute, tin whistle, bodhrán, spoons, 2 fiddles, accordion, mandolin Musicians: Hanneke Hogenboom, Gilles Rullmann, Piet Dinkla and Tom van der Meijs Address: Tom van der Meys, Drieboomlaan 245, 1624BH Hoorn Tel.: 0229-213063 E-mail: tomvandermeijs@hetnet.nl Status: Stopped early 2003. [2003-05-24 TvdMeijs][iss.205,2003-05-27]
Dia Máirt.
Genre: trad. Irish Instruments: guitar, vocal, whistle, piano accordion Musicians: 4 Address: Noord-Holland Tel.: 072-5815033 E-mail: adlab@xs4all.nl Status: Stopped Summer 2006. [iss.288,2006-10-16][2006-10-13 Job]
Genre : traditional Irish music Thady Bruton: fiddle Kaspar Laval: whistle, low whistle, guitar, bouzouki, banjo, song, drones Rein Sprong: guitar, bouzouki, bodhrán Stijn van Beek: mandolin, banjo Status: stopped about 1999 CD: Summer is Coming (1997) [iss.305,2007-10-25][2007-07-25 Theo]
East-West Stringband.
Genre: trad. Old Time USA, Irish, Shetland Status: Stopped after Jack Schroevers' dead 2009-05-20. Instruments: 3 fiddles, banjo(5str.), tin whistle, guitar, vocals Musicians: 4 Address: Jack Schroevers, Hartweg 17, 1733EW Nieuwe Niedorp and/or: Wim Broekman/Debbie Pearson, Molenbelt 50, 7413XJ Deventer tel. 0226-411413 or 0570-633522 E-mail: jackschr@wxs.nl, pearson@daxis.nl [iss.333 2010-11-24]
Eliza Shaen-Carter.
Genre: singer/songwriter/guitarist, trad., country and folk music from Ireland, Scotland and USA Status: She died on 2000-03-04. (Her site will stay on the WWW as a monument in Cyberspace, please send contributions for Eliza's Memorial Book).
Genre: Loosely based on Celtic music. We write our own work, play arranged traditionals, but play contemporary New West-covers as well. Status: Stopped in 2009 Instruments: lead vocals, tin whistle, harp, percussion, acoustic bass guitar, electric bass guitar, 6 & 12 string guitar, harmony vocals. Musicians: Elsa Pruis, Chantal van Keulen, Arno Koel and Rob van Leersum. Tel.: 023-5730796. E-mail: ervanel@xs4all.nl [iss.324,2010-11-01][2009-12-18 Rob van Leersum]
Genre: trad. and contemporary Irish and Scottish Instruments: accordion, bodhráns, whistle, fiddle, guitars, bouzouki, bass, harmonica, vocals, banjo and mandola Musicians: 6 Tel.: 020-6620368 (Theo Burghouts) MC: "Gems" (1991) Status: Stopped 2003. [iss.256,2005-07-13][2005-05-22 Wendy]
Extra Stout.
Genre: trad. Irish Status: Stopped Musicians: 5 Instruments: vocal, melodeon, bodrhán, fiddles banjo, whistle, guitar E-mail: gutsman@xs4all.nl [iss.325,2010-11-02]
Genre: trad. Irish Status: Stopped in 2010 Instruments: flute, bouzouki, whistle, banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, vocals Musicians: 4 Tel.: 0235274459 E-mail: edwinborger@kpnplanet.nl [iss.324,2010-11-01][2010 Dick]
Fungus [Wikipedia]
Genre: trad. Dutch and Scottish Status: Stopped [iss.339,2011-01-04]
Gan Ainm.
Genre: Irish traditional Status: Status: Stopped in 2004. Musicians: Loes Bakker: Irish flute, whistle and uilleann pipes Harry van Lunenburg: banjo, guitar, vocals, bodhrán Jack Schroevers: fiddle, bouzouki Address: Hartweg 17, 1733EW Nieuwe Niedorp Tel.: 0226-411413 E-mail: jackschr@wxs.nl [iss.325,2010-11-02]
Genre: trad. Celtic Musicians: 4 Instruments: harp, guitar, cittern, fiddle, flute, whistle, mandolin, melodeon Status: Hibernating
Genre: trad. Irish WWW: http://mytunebook.de/folkbox/haddock.html Status: Haddock had split up and 2 members are now playing in Bangers & MasH and a few members in Dockside
The Irish Wolfhounds.
Genre: trad. Irish and Scottish Folk Musicians: 2 Status: Stopped in summer 2002. Address: Piet Karregat, Plutostraat 60, 1131WG Volendam Tel.: 06-14624277/0299-365393 [2002-10-06 Sjoerd in session][iss.188,2002-10-25]
Genre: folkrock Status: Stopped in 2008 Instruments: fiddle, uilleann pipes, acoustic bass-guitar, electric bass-guitar, mandolin, French accordion, drums, percussion Musicians: 5 [iss.329,2010-11-11][2010-11-09 wwwKalis]
King's Galliard.
Genre: trad. Irish and Dutch Musicians: Jan-Erik Noske: flute, whistle, vocal, spoons Frenk van Meeteren: mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, bodhrán, vocal Lenneke Willems: fiddle (plays now in Callanish) Jørn Plas: guitar, uilleann pipes, vocal, cittern Status: Existed from 1971-1979) Address: Den Haag LPs: "Morning Dew" (Dublin), "De Boerenplof" (NL), "Irish Folk Music" (NL, Opus 3 79-01, 1979) CD: "The Rocky Road To Dublin" (Köln, rec. 1979) [2002-07-17 Wilbert Luyben][iss.183,2002-08-06]
La Tène.
Genre: trad. Celtic Musicians: Jenny van Diggelen: concert flute, tin whistle Guy Roelofs: fiddle, bouzouki, keyboards Status: Stopped in 2004, but the musicians play in Gweedore. Address: Jenny van Diggelen, Boeimeersingel 5a, 4819AA Breda Tel.: 076-5141835/5217885 [iss.326,2010-11-03][2004-09-14 Jenny][2010-11-03 wwwGwD]
The Lenihan Dancers.
Genre: Irish dance group Related to: Colcannon Leader: Barbara Butkus. Status: Stopped, because Barbara moved to America in December 2001
The Little Tinkers.
Genre: folk dance band with music from New England and the British Isles Instruments: fiddle, accordion, keyboard. Musicians: 3. Address: Arnold Madderom, Mgr.v.d.Weteringstraat 79, 3581 ED Utrecht Tel.: 030-2317360 E-mail: miksmix@xs4all.nl Status: Stopped in 2001.
Macbeth's Delight.
Genre: Irish/Scottish folk Status: Stopped in August 1998. A few members play in Machair Ceili Band.
Mullen's Men.
Genre: trad. and contemporary Irish folk songs (Irish singer) Instruments: vocals, guitar, accordion, tin whistle, low whistle, bodhrán (and fiddle and banjo if trio) Musicians: 2 or 3 Adress: Edam Tel.: 0299-374128 E-mail: gercloosterman@hotmail.com WWW: http://www.mullensmen.tk Status: Stopped end of 2003. [iss.228,2004-03-25][2004-01 G.Cloosterman]
My Left Shoe.
Genre: trad. Irish Status: Stopped April 2002. Instruments: guitar, bodhrán, vocal, tamboura, tinwhistle, box, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, mandola Musicians: 4 [iss.285,2006-10-03][2006-09 25 Vincent]
Nancy Whiskey.
Genre: Irish FolkPopBand Status: Stopped 2004. Musicians: 5 Adress: Oost-Nederland WWW: http://www.nancywhiskey.com [iss.245,2005-01-04][2004-12-19 Marco]
Pog Ma Hon.
Genre: trad. Irish Status: Existed 1971-1977 Musicians: Jan Lankelma: vocals, guitar Joost Melzer: tin whistle, vocals Marion Sandee: vocals, spoons, bodhrán Job Tielrooy: fiddle LP: "The Lark in the Morning" (1976) [iss.252,2005-04-17][2005-04-17 Job Tielrooy]
Pog Mo Thoin.
Genre: "Drinking-songs" and ballads, mainly Irish, some Scottish, modern folk and own songs Status: Stopped somewhere between 2000 and 2004. Instruments: vocals(4x), accordion, guitars(3x), tin whistle, low whistle, 5-str.banjo, mandolin, bass guitar, violin(2x) Musicians: Esther Smit, Feiko Nauta, Jocko Stok, Wilma Meijer Hometown: Deventer/Zutphen tel.: 06-2250-6699 WWW: http://home.wanadoo.nl/feikonauta CD: "At Last!" (2000), NLG25, only from group [iss.231,2004-04-20][2004-04-20 www]
Genre: trad. Irish and Scottish Status: Stopped. 3 members played also in The Dawn.
Genre:     trad. Irish Dublin style songs and tunes Status: Stopped in 2005. Musicians: Henk Kooijman: vocals, nylon-string guitar Ger Cloosterman: accordion, whistle, bodhran Dick Niekus: fiddle, mandolin, concertina, banjo Geert Titsing: fiddle, mandolin Address: Anna van Saksenstraat 11, 1723KR Noord-Scharwoude Tel.: 0226-320088/06-47667678 E-mail:    jm.kooijman@quicknet.nl [iss.262,2005-09-28][2005-09-28 Ger]
Genre: trad. Irish Status: Started 1995, stopped November 2001 Instruments: vocals, guitar, bouzouki, flute, C#/D-melodeon, tin whistle, bodhrán, fiddle Musicians: 4 and 1 sound engineer. Address: Peter & Trix Rechsteiner, Het Eiland 6, 1693BW Wervershoof Tel.: 0228-585546 WWW: See http://www.stringsman.nl E-mail: p.rechsteiner@quicknet.nl MC: "Alive Demo" (1995) and "Demo, Live at Radio Heemskerk" (1998) CD: "Caught"(2001) [iss.310,2008-07-14][2008-02-20 Peter.R]
Shannon Breeze
Genre: Irish Traditional Status: Stopped Jan. 2005, but restart about Jan. 2008, but stopped again before oct.2010 Instruments: fiddle, bodhrán, guitars, whistle Address: Gouda Tel.: 0182-533189 E-mail: info@shannonbreeze.nl CD: "Irish Dance Music". They also accompanied the dancers of the "Redmond School of Irish Dancing". [iss.321,2010-10-26][2010-10-26 wwwSB]
Genre: American folk, oldtime en bluegrass Status: Existed 1995 - 2006 Instruments: guitar, banjo, vocals and more [iss.321,2010-10-26][2004-02-10 Elly Beurskens][[2010-10-20 wwwSkyland]
Genre: trad. Irish and other West-European trad. music MC: "Stendelaar" (1984/1985) Status: Existed from 1981 to 1987.
Tabby May.
Genre: 50s, pop, rock, country, folk, Irish Instruments: vocals, guitar Status: stopped 2007 Musicians: 1 [iss.301,2007-04-25][2007-04-25Tabby]
Genre: Irish, Scottish Status: Stopped start of 2003 Instruments: vocals, guitar, accordion, violin, flute, tin whistle, bodhrán Adress: Jonnie Roomer, Oosterboerweg 76, 7943KD Meppel tel: 0522-252483 [iss.254,2005-04-20][2005-04-20 J.Roomer]
Genre: Irish Status: Stopped Instruments: vocal, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, banjo, bodhrán. Musicians: 4 Adress: Tizzmtog, Maaseikstr 16 1066LX Amsterdam tel: 020-6692095 E-mail: AHofmeester@hotmail.com [iss.332,2010-11-23][2010-11-22 A.Hofmeester]
Trad Hok
Genre: trad. Irish Instruments: flute, bouzouki, whistle, bodhrán, fiddle, guitar, vocals. Musicians: 4 Status: Stopped about 2003 Address: Amsterdam CD: Poulnabrone (2003) [iss.301,2007-04-25]
Genre: trad. music from England, Scotland, Ireland, Nederland and USA. Instruments: vocals, guitar, banjo, fiddle, hommel, bodhrán, mandolin, dulcimer, bones, dancing puppet, autoharp. Musicians: 3 Adress: Michael Collins, Moskou 1, 8435VK Donkerbroek Tel: 0516-491900 E-mail: mjcollins@wxs.nl Status: Stopped in 2000. CD: "Forward to the Past" (10 EUR excl. postage) [2002-05-02 M.Collins][iss.177,2002-05-06]
Under Milk Wood.
Genre: contemporary and traditional English, Scottish, Irish and Australian folk music Instruments: vocals, guitar, concert flute, silver flute, bodhrán, mandolin, tin whistle, recorder Musicians: 3 WWW: keeping track via http://www.connexxions.com.au CD: "Making Tracks" (1999) Status: Stopped in December 2001, because Mieke and Hans moved to Australia [iss.221,2004-02-06]
(Vader's Actieve Acoustische Genoegen) Genre:       various folkmusic, incl. Celtic Instruments: vocals, accordion, guitars, autoharp, harmonica, mandoline and more Musicians:   Ruud de Jonker and Chiel Hessel Status: Stopped after Ruud's dead 2010-10-01 [iss.323,2010-10-31]
Windkracht 8.
Genre: Maritime music. Instruments: vocals, guitar, accordions, fiddle, concertina Musicians: Peer van der Burgh, Jos Koning, Bert Aalbers Status: Stopped. Bert Aalbers died 2007-02-20. WWW: http://www.popinstituut.nl/Encyclopedia/Artist.aspx?id=21426&name=Windkracht+Acht [iss.311,2008-10-29]
Genre:       Dutch, Celtic, Scottish, Jiddisch, Greek, French, ..., and own songs and tunes Instruments: vocal, violin, recorder, accordion, guitar, acoustic bass guitar, mandoline, egg, percussion, bouzouki Musicians:   Doortje Schroevers, Sadhu Bolland, Hans van Deelen, Eric Hendriks Status: Stopped in 2006 CDs:         "De Rommelpot" (WVCD 001, 1999) "Vierkracht" (Syncoop 5761 CD 257, 2001) "Laatste Editie" (2006) Address:     Hans van Deelen, Amrum 40, 1506BR Zaandam Tel.:        075-6318930 (Hans), 0299-652013 (Eric) Archive: Archiefwebsite. [iss.343,2011-01-20][2011-01-20 www][
Ygdrassil. [Wikipedia]
Genre: Celtic and other folk music Status: 1991 - 2007 Instruments: 2 female singers, guitar, accordion Musicians: Linde Nijland, Annemarieke Coenders and Bert Ridderbos [iss.326,2010-11-03]

More Groups and Solo Performers.

[FDitN] Folk Dancing in the Netherlands.
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[ISSA] International SHANTY and SEASONG Association.
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[SVN] Folkadressengids.
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Links page for Celtic music by Ger Cloosterman.

Website for churches used for concerts (bridge between church podium and artist).
Here you find a list of folk groups that like to perform in churches.
Agenda items With Concertagenda!
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