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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Festivals, iss.191,2011-01-26.

[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Festivals with agenda items

For more dance festivals see: Folk Dancing in the Netherlands, written by Donna Richoux.

Folkwoods Festival:
Large international weekend festival in Eindhoven.
Address of organisation: Kanaaldijk Zuid 7c, 5611VA Eindhoven
Tel.: 040-2432294
E-mail: info@folkwoods.com
Agenda items 12-14 August 2011.
[2011-01-21 Nieuwsbrief Folkwoods][iss.191,2011-01-26]

The Irish Spirit Festival:
See The Irish Spirit in "Folkclubs & Folk Locations".

Deventer Irish Pub Festival:
Once a year organised in Deventer by Poucha Promotions with a lot of Celtic folk bands.
Agenda items Agenda:
Wed 2011-02-02: Rapalje and Guinan & Gilligan in Deventer Schouwberg
Fri 2011-02-04: Irish pub Festival, in 15 pubs, program.
Sat 2011-02-05: Big Irish Party in Oude Maria Kerk.
[2011-01-25 Poucha][iss.191,2011-01-26]

Stichting Eire at the Top:
Organises the annual Irish folkfestival "Eire at the Top" on the last Saturday of May on Het Landje van Top (near the Drommedaris) in Enkhuizen.
Contact address: T. Teunen, Westerstraat 249, 1601AJ Enkhuizen.

Stichting Irish Folk Limburg:
Founded in 1999 (KvK ZuidLimburg 14062435).
Purpose: promotion of Irish/Celtic traditions in Limburg.
Organises music events: every year in November 'THE IRISH NIGHT'.
Address: Ruud Heijnen, Pastoor Vonckenstraat 29, 6166CV Geleen.
Tel.: (chairman Armand Mathijs) 046-4746735/ (Ruud Heijnen) 046-4751512.
E-mail: info@irishnight.nl
[iss.135,2002-07-11][2002-06-29 R.Heijnen]

Sneekermeer Muziekfestival:
See "Agencies" - "Dave Tearney".

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