Eliza Shaen-Carter
Anglo-Irish folk singer with material from both sides of the Atlantic and singer/songwriter.

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[photo Czechia, 1998] Eliza was an English/Irish folk and country singer with songs from Ireland, USA and Britain and with own songs. She accompanied herself on the guitar.

She performed solo or with accompanying musicians, like Paul van Gelder (banjo), Joop Eisenberger (mandolin, melodeon), Steve Bradshaw (fiddle) and Joris Sluyter (electric guitar). See her Biography for more details.

She played gigs at all kinds of locations, varying from pubs and clubs to folk and country festivals.

She was a descendant of the famous Irish songwriter, entertainer and artist Percy French.
See also the Percy French Society.

She was born on 1948-02-15.

From 1981 she lived in Nederland.

Some songs she wrote are:

She died of cancer on Saturday 2000-03-04 18:10 h.

Her farewell celebration was at Fri 2000-03-10, which was a great spiritual happening of love, peace, friendship, craic and music; just as she wished: "If music be the food of love, play on [Shakespeare]" - as she put it in the paper of the ceremony -.

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[photo Last Waterhole, Amsterdam, 1996]

  1. Eliza in Czechia, August 1998.
  2. Eliza in Last Waterhole, Amsterdam, 1996, by Karen de Groot.

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