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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Courses & Teachers, iss.196,2011-01-24.

[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Courses & Teachers with agenda items

See also "Organisations" and also "Instruments" for organisations related to instruments, because a lot of organisations organise courses and workshops.

Te Huur:
Workshop- en
VergaderRuimte in
[De Piramide]
De Piramide
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Folk Dancing in the Netherlands:
This is a great WWWsite, written by Donna Richoux.
Look here for more dance courses and -teachers.

FiddleWorkshops (among others Donegal style), Verlaat (Oude-Niedorp).
See Pinksterfeest.
Agenda items "Muzikantentreffen", Anual Whit Saturday and Whit Sunday: 2011-06-11/12.
[iss.196,2011-01-24][2011-01-24 wwwPMF etc]

Lessons (private and workshops) for:
singing, bodhrán, tin Whistle, guitar, fiddle, Concert flute.
Adress: Noord Nederland
Agenda items Agenda
[iss.195,2011-01-18][2011-01-18 Celtann]

Scoil Rince Damsa na nOg:
School for Irish solo- or step-, ceili- and figure dancing.
Location: Laetitiazaal, Burg.Hovylaan 4, Den Haag, Loosduinen.
Trainer: Wilmar Remmelts, tel.:06-50488776.
[iss.149,2003-03-15][2003-03-03 WWWdamsa][2011-01-18 checked ET]

Boghill Centre:
Location: Kilfenora, Co. Clare, Ireland.
Date: throughout the whole year.
Various traditional Irish music workshops.
For info: Sonja O'Brien-Trouw,
The Boghill Centre Kilfenora, County Clare, Ireland
Tel.: (+353)/(0)657074644 (from Nederland: 00353-657074644).
E-mail: boghill@eircom.net

Carieke Cazemier-Pol:
Highland Dancing Teacher
Member for National en Highland Dancing of the Scottish Dance Teacher's Alliance
Hogeweg 36-B, 9472PC Zuidlaren
Tel.: 050-4095074
E-mail: carieke@yahoo.com
[2003-03-06 C.C-Pol][iss.148,2003-03-07]

Gilles Rullmann:
Teacher for fiddle.
Tel.: 06-28760345
E-mail: info@gillesrullmann.com
[2002-11-20 G.Rullman][iss.146,2002-11-20]

Jules Bitter:
Flute and whistle tutor
Address: Torenring 36, 4458BC 's Heer Arendskerke
Tel.: 0113-562806
Plays in http://www.finglas.org
E-mail: julesbit@zeelandnet.nl
[2002-07-28 Jules Bitter][iss.136,2002-08-06]

Rob Bitter:
Bodhrán tutor and retailer of bodhráns
Address: Schumanlaan 73, 4463BD Goes
Tel.: 0113-227133
E-mail: info@thebodhran.nl
[iss.580,2005-10-07][2005-10-06 Rob Bitter]

Kilkenny School of Irish Dance:
Dance courses. Weekly classes in Utrecht, Den Haag.
Also available for performances and workshops.
Registered and certified with the Commission of Irish Dance.
Trainer: Sean (John) Kilkenny
[2008-07-03 Sean][iss.188,2008-07-14]

LCA - Landelijke Centrum voor Amateurdans:
Postbus 452, 3500 AL Utrecht.
Tel: 030-2334255
Fax: 030-2332721
This organisation organises courses, workshops, travels, festivals and other events for amateur folk dance and courses for folk dance leaders.
LCA publishes also a magazine. Various genres of folk dance.

Trad. Irish Dance Group "Oisin":
Teacher: Marieke Trienekens-Pellens
Address: Eindhoven
[iss.165,2004-09-15][2004-07-06 M.Kuijs]

Peter Rechsteiner:
Teacher for: guitar (standard, dadgad & dropped D tunings), bouzouki, bodhrán
Tel.: 0228-585546
E-mail: p.rechsteiner@quicknet.nl
[iss.188,2008-07-14][2008-02-20 Peter.R]

Stichting Highland Dancing Nederland:
Organises courses and demonstrations.
Address: Wilmar Remmelts, Ridderspoorweg 278, 2565AT Den Haag.
Tel.:070-3255587, fax:070-3235233.

Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland:
Including workgroup"Trekharmonica's Amsterdam"
See "Organisations".

Previously named: LOAM - Landelijke Ondersteuning Amateurmuziek.
Plompetorengracht 3, 3512CA Utrecht.
Tel: 030-2335600
E-mail: unisono@amateurmuziek.nl
This is a cooperation of a lot of organisations for amateur music (like SVN).
These organisations organise courses, workshops and other events for amateur music and instrument building and maintenance (ask for the Cursusspecial of Akkoord for more info).
UNISONO publishes the magazine Akkoord (5 times a year) and has a library.
[iss.147,2003-01-15][flyer unisono 2003-01]

Vincent Pompe van Meerdervoort:
Teacher of bodhrán
address: Abraham Kuyperstraat 40, 6702BL Wageningen
tel.: 0317-453760
E-mail: vincent@epos-imaginaire.com

Volksmuziekafdeling van het Muzisch Collectief te Roosendaal:
Location: Roosendaal and Breda.
Various lessons tin whistle, concert flute, pipes, bouzouki, guitar, melodeon, violin (not all courses are especially Celtic).
For info: : Muzisch Collectief, Ton van de Geijn,
Tel.: 0165-562208.

Folkworkshop (Irish, Scottish and English) for all instruments by Paul Pallesen (banjo, guitar).
Lijnbaansgracht 164, Amsterdam, tel.:020-6736285/6270202.
[iss.477,2003-09-04][2003-09-03 MokumFolkAgenda]

Celtic Music Courses:
By Jenny van Diggelen and Guy Roelofs for fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, flute tin whistle; playing together and private lessons.
Tilburgse Muziekschool, Tilburg, http://www.tdms.nl/muziek.
[iss.527,2004-09-15][2004-09-14 Jenny]

Volksdansberaad Agglomeratie Eindhoven:
Irish Dancing classes: with Marieke Trienekens-Pellens in Eindhoven and region.
WWW: http://folklore.dse.nl/groepen/ier.htm
[iss.194,2011-01-15][2011-01-15 www]

Rince A Ghrá:
Irish dancelessons door Micky van Wijnen in de omgeving van Eindhoven.
with agenda itemsAgenda.
E-mail: info@iersedanseindhoven.nl
[iss.193,2011-01-13][2011-01-13 Micky van Wijnen]

The Hague District Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society:
Scottish country and highland dancing
Organises courses and demonstrations
Address: H.van Zon, De Tol 421, 2266EH, Leidschendam
Tel.: 070-3202352
E-mail: thehaguebranch@hetnet.nl
[2002-06-28 Zon+Taanom][iss.135,2002-07-09]

De Werkschuit:
Egelinglaan 2b, Zeist, tel.:030-6958393.
Irish Dancing classes: with Jarno de Leeuw.
2nd Sunday of the month, 10:30 h for beginners and 11:30 h for advanced.
Info: tel.:0521-351331, email: annette@uelenspieghel.nl
[iss.530,2004-09-22][2003-09-21 AvdSteen]

The Redmond School of Irish Dancing:
Organises courses, competitions and workshops, has a Diplay Group.
Address: Lodderlandsedijk 8, 3235KK Rockanje.
Trainer: Catherine Redmond.
Tel.: 0181-404400.
E-mail: info@funtodanceirish.nl
WWW: http://www.funtodanceirish.nl
[iss.182,2007-03-05][2002-01-28 R.Conijn, 2002-02-06 WWW][2005-01-10 HdeJong]

Damsa na nOg:
Lessons Irish solo- or step-, ceili- and figure dancing: Location: Laetitiazaal, Burg.Hovylaan 4, Den Haag, Loosduinen.
Trainer: Wilmar Remmelts, tel.:06-50488776.
[iss.449,2003-03-04][2003-03-03 WWWdamsa]

The Irish Club - Netherlands:
Music lessons every Thursday, 19:00 h. tel.:070-3643242.
Irish dancing lessons by Kilkenny School of Irish Dance:
Wednesday and Thursday, Zeehelden Theater, Trompstraat 342, Den Haag.
with trainer Sean Kilkenny.
[iss.688,2008-07-14][2008-07-03 Sean + www]

Kilkenny School of Irish Dance:
Irish dancing lessons with trainer Sean Kilkenny.
Thuesday, De Dansvloer, Balkstraat 31, 3513XL Utrecht.
[iss.688,2008-07-14][2008-07-03 Sean + www]

Finnegan's Rainbow:
De Wittenkade 120, Amsterdam, tel.:020-7787744.
Public Training Afternoon of the McSweeney Dancers
Spectators welcome. Every Sunday, 15:00-17:00 h (not in summer).

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