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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Contact, iss.6,2011-03-14.

[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Contact. Follow eltjodotorg on Twitter[#SessionAlert](You can publish BREAKING NEWS about sessions in Nederland using Twitter).Eltjo Toorn on facebook.

Please send input for this WWW-site ("Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland") to Eltjo, E-mail: eltjo@dds.nl.
You can also use the mail form (preferred) at the bottom of this page.

No unwanted unsolicited commercial e-mail.
Please no e-mails larger than 250 kbytes, unless it is really necessary!
And please send the mail (including the attachments) in easy and simple platform-and-software-independent, bytes-efficient and virus-free plain text !!!.

Please check first, whether the info is already listed! (that will save me a lot of time).

Agendas can be found in several subpages (marked with with agenda items).
Reproducing of data will be avoided. Nowadays most venues, organisations, agencies and groups have WWW-sites with agendas.
Therefore a lot of these agenda data wil be linked or automaticly included as far as possible. In this way the agendas will be most up-to-date. I simply do not have the time to reproduce and/or constantly check all these agenda data.

Automatic including (embedding) of agendas is very simple and handy:
Please put your agenda in a simple plain-text file or simple html file (no videos and only pictures of a few bytes) on the WWW and send me the URL.
Please have a look at good examples in the Agenda like Mulligans, Blue Dew and Fookhook.
You can also send me updates of your agendas in plain-text files or simple html files, and then I will upload it to the WWW for you (I have plenty of space there). On request I will send you templates of such files.

Note, the editor is restricted by the following privacy rules:
personal data are only included at people's own request!!.

Mail Form for sending Input
for (and questions about) Page(s):

of "Traditional Celtic Music &
Dance in Nederland".

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