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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Folkclubs & Folk Locations [iss.219,2011-01-26].

[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Folkclubs & Folk Locations. with agenda itemsPRIORITY

Folkclubs and venues in The Netherlands (Holland is only a part of Nederland), that have frequently live traditional Celtic music (and dance) other than a session.
[NL] Folkclubs en gelegenheden in Nederland met regelmatig levende traditionele Keltische volksmuziek (en volksdans) anders dan een sessie.

For more information about Irish pubs go to: [The Claddagh]
(Dutch association of friends of Ireland) The Claddagh (Not all Irish pubs have Irish music).
Theatres are only listed, if they have a special program with traditional Celtic music.

Please do not blame the editor, if the info is not correct anymore. If you want to be sure, please phone the location.

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Groningen (Province).

De Oude Remise:
Oudezijl 1, Bad Nieuweschans, tel.:0597-522696.
Regular concerts of folk and other music.
Agenda items Agenda:
Celtic Concerts:
2011-02-13,15:00: Kieran Halpin
2011-03-25,20:30: Albert Niland
[iss.217,2011-01-19][2011-01-19 Ouderemise]
Open Podium SESSIE, every 2nd Saturday, 14:00-17:00 h.
Open Podium ON STAGE, every 4rd Saturday, afternoon, please e-mail:
programmer.deouderemise@gmail.com, if you want to perform.
See also direct link to the Remise's Agenda.
[iss.213,2011-01-04][2010-12-30 Ouderemise]

Type: Irish pub
Owner: Peter Kelly
Open: 15:30 h
Address: Gedempte Kattendiep 13, 9711PL Groningen
Tel.: 050-3147694
Agenda items Agenda:
Regular gigs of folk and other music.
"Trad. Irish Session", every Sunday 17:00-20:00 h.
[iss.217,2011-01-19][2011-01 WWWoC]

Stichting Folk Groningen:
Folkclub without permanent location. Organises various folk and world music events in the city and province of Groningen.
E-mail: geertow@hetnet.nl

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Music Inn Sneek:
Theater of RSG Magister Alvinus, Almastraat 5, Sneek, 0515-419302.
Agenda items Agenda:

See also direct link to the Music Inn's Agenda.
[iss.694,2008-11-18][2008-11-18 automatic wwwMusicInn]

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Iers Restaurant and Pub De Turfsteker:
Hoofdstraat 48, Westerbork, tel.:0593-331226/331111.
Agenda items Agenda: Every last Saturday of the month live Irish music.
29 Jan 2011: Kilshannig
26 Feb 2011: Unicorn
05 Mrt 2011: Concert John O'Dreams & Kilshannig
26 Mrt 2011: Gjalt & Piet
16 Apr 2011: Concert Lenny Kuhr
30 Apr 2011: Colcannon
28 Mei 2011: Selkie
25 Jun 2011: Gjalt & Piet
27 Aug 2011: Coracle
24 Sep 2011: Unicorn
29 Okt 2011: Watanders
Wed 16 Nov 2011: Concert The Fureys & Davy Arthur
26 Nov 2011: Kilshannig
[iss.217,2011-01-19][2011-01-19 wwwMeursinge]
See also direct link to the location's Agenda.

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[FC Twente] Folkclub Twente:
Type: folkclub in café
Address: De Roef, Past. Geertmanstr. 17, 7535BZ Enschede.
Folkclub: Stichting Folkclub Twente,
Holthuizenbrink 11, 7544ML Enschede, tel: 053-4766283
monthly live folkmusic on Fridays, often Celtic.
[iss.198,2006-10-09][2006-09-30 Ernie]


In Almere????????
[iss.219,2011-01-26][mail van Harry 2007 & wwwIFC 2011-01-26]

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[De Lantearn] Folkkafé De Lantaern:
Address: De Hooge Bongert 3, 6903DA Zevenaar.
Agenda items Agenda:
Folk music every Saturday evening, 20:15 h, start 21:00 h (often trad. Celtic).
Open Podium on Saturday evenings without concert:
2011-01-22, 2011-02-05, 2011-02-19, 2011-03-05, 2011-03-19, 2011-05-07, 2011-05-21, 2011-06-04, 2011-06-18.
Concerts with Celtic music:
2011-02-12: Ogham
2011-03-12: Real Time
2011-04-09: Stevin Quigg and Nick Keir(ex-McCalmans)
2011-05-14: Idris(voorheen Inner Strenght)
2011-05-28: Drijfhout
2011-06-25: John O’Gods
De Lantaern publishes "de Troubadour" (now only as free downlad in PDF).
[iss.215,2011-01-15][2011-01-15 wwwLantaern]

Stone Valley:
Type: herberg, museum and brewery, home of country club with folk music
Address: Erve Kots, Eimersweg 4, 7137HG Lievelde.
Tel.: 0544-371691
Address of country club "Stone Valey":
Carel van Melis, Jacob Catsstraat 17, 7131WP Lichtenvoorde
Tel.: 0544-373701
E-mail: stonevalley@hetnet.nl
Frequently trad. Celtic.

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Theater De Kom:
Passage 100 Cityplaza, Nieuwegein, tel.:030-6045554, email: kassa@dekom.nl
Agenda items Agenda:
2010-12-09: Shantalla
[2010-11-26 wwwKom][iss.208,2010-11-26]

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The Irish Cottage:
Verlaat 4, Oude-Niedorp, tel.:0226-421486, Hyves.
Agenda items Agenda:

See also direct link to the Cottage's Agenda.
[iss.715,2010-02-15][2010-02-15 automatic wwwCottage]

[Mulligans] Mulligans Irish Music Bar:
Amstel 100, Amsterdam, tel.:020-6221330.
Agenda items Agenda:
Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat: Gig.  
Sun: Session.
Every 1st Monday of the month: Irish Set Dancing with the McSweeney Dancers with live music.

See also direct link to Mulligans' agenda with links to performers.
[iss.712,2010-01-28][2008-10-23 automatic wwwMulligans]

Dorpshuis De Zwaan:
Middelweg 5, 1911EA Uitgeest.
Agenda items Agenda:
Open Podium, various Saturdays, 20:30 h.:
[iss.716,2010-09-25][2010-09-25 wwwZwaan]

STOPPED!!!   The Gathering:
Irish Folkclub
In "Herbergh 't IJsselmeer", Oosterleek 11, 1609GA Oosterleek.
[iss.216,2011-01-18][2011-01-18 L.Becherer]

Folkclub Oosterleek:
In "Herbergh 't IJsselmeer", Oosterleek, tel.:0229-503150.
Agenda items Agenda: Irish Folk Gigs, various Sundays, 14:30 h
2011-02-06: The Lowland Paddies
[iss.216,2011-01-18][2010-07-27 Klaas]
See also direct link to the folkclub's Agenda.


The Irish Spirit:
The Irish Spirit is a Dutch foundation, established in January 2000, with the aim to give publicity to the Irish traditional music in the province of Noord-Holland in the Netherlands.
The Irish Spirit has the intention to organise concerts, festivals and Irish (folk)nights in the area of Noord-Scharwoude.
[iss.159,2003-12-11][2003-12-04 Michael Teekens]

Stichting Mokum Folk:
Foundation for the promotion of folk music in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.
Publishes the "Amsterdamse Folkagenda" with monthly news about folk music activities.
Organises various folkmusic courses and the "Samenspeelmiddag" on the Zeedijk.
And organises Mokum Folk Podiums.
Address: Stichting Mokum Folk, Pieter Borststraat 36, 1065AG Amsterdam.
Tel.: 020-6152690.
E-mail: r.vanniele@quicknet.nl and v.niele.poon@wxs.nl
"Mokum Folk Podium" in Wijkcentrum Alleman:
Type: folkclub in cultural centre.
Address: Den Bloeyenden Wijngaerdt 1, Amstelveen.
Folkmusic concerts once a month on Fridays, 20:00 h, in the dark months.

De Harmonie:
Type: hotel-café
Address: Voorhaven 94, 1135BT, Edam
Tel.: 0299-371664

[Koogerkerk] Koogerkerk:
Type: church with concerts
Address: Koog 30, 1722EM Zuid-Scharwoude
Tel.: 0226-318007
Concerts organised by:
Stichting Kooger Kerk
Address: Jan A.Jong, Grutto 15,
1722JA, Zuid-Scharwoude
Tel.: 0226-341420

Folk-Café Hoorn:
In "Wijkcentrum Risdam", Scheerder 1, 1625VA Hoorn
Folk-Café Hoorn is organized by "Folk Club Hoorn".
Contact: Marjon and Frits Brouwer (tel.:0229-236112) or Riet and Dirk Duinmeijer (tel.:0229-216738).
You can subcribe for the newsletter at diriduin@cs.com
Folk evenings organized regularly by the Folk Club, 5 to 7 times a year (Winter-Spring seasons).
All kinds of traditional and folkmusic.
1 group, invited by the Folkclub, will have a performance of 2 hours.
The evening is closed by a Session of the group and the present musicians in the public.
Agenda items Programma.
[iss.216,2011-01-18][2011-01-18 L.Becherer]

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Éist a Stór Folk:
In Muziekcafe "de Hommel", Schiedamseweg 37, 3134BA Vlaardingen.
Contact: tel.:0180-514359 and/or 010-4341780.
Reservations: a.boon@hotmail.com
Agenda items Agenda:
Thu 2011-02-03: Albino (upbeat punkabilly folk band), 20:30 h, adm. E 5,-
Thu 2011-02-17: Marjolein Meijers & Band (Walter & Onno Kuipers), 20:30 h, admission E 12,50
Tue 2011-03-17: Saint Patrick's Day with St Brandaan, "Keltische Sessie", 20:30 h, admission E 7,50
Thu 2011-04-21: Slán, 20:30 h, admission E 10,-
"Celtic Session/Open Podium" every 1st Thursday of the month, 19:00 h.
But in Februari 2011 it is on the 2nd Thursday:2011-02-10.
Contact: Ans Boon, a.boon@hotmail.com, 0180-514359 and Trudy van Haren, trudyvanharen@kpnplanet.nl, tel.:010-4341780.
[iss.218,2011-01-21][2011-01-20 Trudy vsn Haren]

Karin Pronk's home, Den Haag.
Start concert 20:30u, afterwards Session.
info en reservations: mail dougiefan2004@hotmail.com or tel.:0703296864.
Agenda items Agenda:
WED 2 Feb 2011: Sarah McQuaid
SAT 12 Mar 2011: Celtann
SAT 23 Apr 2011: Maarten Willems (with guestplayers: Martien Caspers & Frank Verlaan)
SAT 18 Jun 2011: Summerfolk 3 with John O'Dreams and Open Mic, 18:45 h (buffet from 17:30 h)
[iss.219,2011-01-26][2011-01-21 Karin Pronk & WWWHc]

Folk Club Noordwijkerhout:
't Soldaatje, Jacoba van Beijerenweg 150, Voorhout, tel.:0252-213167,
concerts, 20:30 u, reservation recommended: eppeters@casema.nl, tel.:0172-430082.
Agenda items Agenda:

See also direct link to the Folk Club's Agenda.
[2008-11-18][2008-11-18 automatic wwwSoldaatje]
Open Podia Sunday 15:00 admission free
(contact Otto Vogel 0252-374466, ottovogel@casema.nl):
2011-02-13, 2011-04-17
[iss.194,2010-11-27][2010-11-22 Otto Vogel]

FolkClub Brielle:
The old URL now leads to FolkCollectief Brielle!
café "'t Kont van 't Paard" is the home of FolkClub Brielle
Address: Kaatsbaan 1-3, Brielle
Agenda items Programma.
E-mail: folkclubbrielle@hotmail.com
[iss.216,2011-01-18][2011-01-18 wwwFC-Brielle en Hans Walgien]


[Gr] [Fr] [Dr] [Ov] [Fl] [Ge] [Ut] [NH] [ZH] [Ze] [NB] [Li] [More]

O'Carolan's Pub:
Address: Moeregrebstraat 2, 4611JC Bergen op Zoom
Tel.: 0164-236144
E-mail: info@ocarolans.nl

Folkcafé Oss in De Groene Engel:
Theatercafé van poppodium de Groene Engel, Kruisstraat 15, Oss
E-mail: admin@ossensia.nl (Jules)
Agenda items Agenda(generally 1st Sunday of the month 16:00-18:30 h):

See also direct link to the folkcafé's Agenda.
[iss.212,2011-01-01][2011-01-01 wwwFcOss]

[Gr] [Fr] [Dr] [Ov] [Fl] [Ge] [Ut] [NH] [ZH] [Ze] [NB] [Li] [More]

De Fookhook:
In Sevewaeg, Markt 3, Sevenum, organised by De Fookhook, tel.:077-4671345.
Agenda items Agenda:

See also direct link to De Fookhook's Agenda.
[iss.705,2010-09-30][2009-10-27 automatic wwwFookhook]

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Website for churches used for concerts (bridge between church podium and artist).
Here you find churches that can have Celtic folk music.
Agenda items With Concertagenda!
[iss.214,2011-01-07][2011-01-05 redactie@kerkinconcert.nl]

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