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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland - Agencies, iss.191,2011-01-12.

[TCM&DiN-Logo][The editor/hobby musician] Agencies. with agenda items

Edwin Borger's booking office.
[iss.191,2011-01-12][2009-03-26 Edwin Borger]

Bradymusic: [iss.90,2000-02-15]
UK based Irish music agency who supply all types of musicians and acts to Irish bars, functions, etc, across Europe.

CelticWanderer Promotions:
Music promotions agency which finds work for Celtic musicians and singers.
Among others: Mc.Cormack's fancy, Coinneach, Dreamcraft, The Assasenachs, Murphy's Doorstep, McNamara's Men, The Frog's wedding, Arís Arun.
Address: Pastoor Pottersplein 48, 4815BC Breda.
Tel.: 0627182104.
E-mail: info@celticwanderer.nl
WWW: http://www.celticwanderer.nl
[2002-03-20 Gerald Harris][iss.131,2002-04-10]

De Muzikant Folk and Entertainment:
Agency of folkmusic, including Celtic.
Hiring out sound equipment.
WWW: http://www.demuzikant.com
[iss.171,2005-05-12][2005-05-12 Edgar]

Wigt Productions B.V.:
Agency van Magic of The Dance, Lunasa, The Corrz.
Address: P.O.Box 201, 6700AE Wageningen.
Tel.: 0317-413440.
E-mail: info@wigt.nl
WWW: http://wimwigt.com
[2004-08-12 Wigt][iss.166,2004-10-03]

DIBA International Concerts B.V.:
Agency of among others The Dubliners and Rhythm of the Dance.
Address: P.O. Box 37, 8600 AA Sneek.
Tel.: 0515-420510
Fax: 0515-423606
E-mail: diba@wxs.nl
WWW: http://www.diba.nl

Cooperation of Interpresario and Charles Aerts Concerts.
Agency of among others Spirit of the Dance in Nederland.
Address: Interpresario, Zeekant 102 c, 2586JH Den Haag.
Tel: 070-3543411.
WWW: http://www.interpresario.nl [iss.125,2002-01-08]

MoGo Productions:
Organiser of Scottish ceilidhs and agency for Scottish bands.
Morganna Inverarity, Dorpsstraat 376, 1531 HZ Wormer, Tel./Fax: 075-6427704.
E-mail: scots@worldonline.nl

P&P Creative Projects:
Agency, representing Milladoiro and Luar na Lubre from Galicië and other musicians from Spain and Portugal. Info about CDs.
Paul Kenti.
Tel.: 0172-416561 Email: pp.creative.projects@tip.nl
WWW: http://www.peptalk.club.tip.nl, http://www.voltavolta.com [iss.178,2005-10-11][2005-10-09 P.Kenti]

Peter Boone Music Promotions:
Press promotor for large concerts, like The Dubliners.
Also design of posters, tourmagazines, backstagepasses, etc.
And also agency in the Benelux for among others: Altan, Liam O'Flynn, Jim McCann, Sean Keane, Alan Kelly, Niamh Parsons, Aoife Ni Fherraigh, Frances Black, Mairin Fahy and Eleanor Shanley
Adress: J.W. Schuurmanstraat 125, 4357 EJ Domburg
Tel.: 0118-586130, fax: 0118-586132
Email: pbmusicprom@zeelandnet.nl
[2003-05-19 PBoone][iss.152,2003-05-19]

Poucha Promotions: THE IRISH MUSIC AGENCY:
booking agency of Shane MacGowan, The Popes, Perfect, The Mahones, Danny Guinan & "Red", Ronnie Drew, An Emotional Fish, Something Happens, Darran Byrne, Eleanor McEvoy, Anuna, Tir na nOg, Sonny Condell, Leo O'Kelly, The Screaming Bluecats, Mary Coughlan, Geraldine MacGowan, Freddie White, Mike Hanrahan, Francie Conway, Amadan, The Twangmen, John O'Dreams.
It also acts as a booking agency for local bands.
Festival organisor & programmer of Celtic Myst, The Big Irish Nite, Folkwoods & programmer of various Irish activities in Nederland.
Address: Mark Gilligan, Kerkstraat 4, 7383CB Voorst.
Tel.: 0575-503187, fax:0575-503542, mobile:0653784470.
Email: mark@pouchapromotions.com

De Speelman:
Agency of live ethnic traditional folk music and dance.
Address: Stokebrand 79, 7206EB Zutphen.
Tel.: 0575-572999
Fax: 0575-572131
E-mail: speelman@tebenet.nl
WWW: http://www.speelman.nl

Stichting Kultoer:
Address: Telefoonstraat 16, 5038DM Tilburg.
Tel.:013-5801424, fax:013-5801425
WWW: http://www.kultoer.club.tip.nl BROKEN LINK!!!!
E-mail: kultoer@club.tip.nl [iss.163,2004-04-22]

Tara Promotion:
Agency for Celtic music.
WWW: http://www.tara-promotion.nl
[iss.175,2005-09-28][2005-09-18 Pieter Smits]

Dave Tearney:
Agency for a lot of Celtic musicians, among others: McCalmans.
Also organisor of folkclub "Music Inn Sneek" and "Het Sneekermeer Muziekfestival".
Address: Kanadezenstrjitte 27, 8603EE Sneek.
Tel.: 0515-419302
E-mail: dktear27@worldonline.nl

Under an Irish Sky:
Agency for among others: Coracle, Jimmy Kelly Band and Providence.
Tel.: 0229-240818
[iss.172,2005-05-24][2005-05-19 R.Newson]

3WF Concerts:
Worldmusic agency and promotorsoffice.
Agency for Cran in Nederland.
Address: Kloveniersburgwal 47, 1011JX Amsterdam.
Tel.: 020-6279518.
E-mail: 3wf@euronet.nl
WWW: http://www.3wf.nl
[2002-04-12 3WF+WWW][iss.132,2002-04-18]

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