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Te Huur:
Vergader- en
WorkshopRuimte in
[De Piramide]
De Piramide
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Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland Traditional Celtic Music & Dance in Nederland:
Info and links about traditional Celtic music and dance in Nederland.

The editor
[Eltjo's Traditional Celtic Music Home] Eltjo's Traditional Celtic Music Home:
Personal WWW site of a hobby musician playing traditional Celtic and related music.

[The musician]
[Zegel] Overzichtspagina van Zuidlaarderveen.

[De Piramide] "De Piramide" in Zuidlaarderveen:
Vergader- en WorkshopRuimte in Zuidlaarderveen.

[Logo] Eliza Shaen-Carter:
WWW site of singer/songwriter/guitarist with
trad., country and folk music from Ireland, Scotland and USA.
She died on 2000-03-04. I miss her a lot in this visible and tangible reality.
Her website will stay on-line as a monument in Cyberspace.
People are asked to write something in her memorial book.
She was also a visual artist.

[Trinity] Brenda McCann:
WWW site of Irish visual artist (paintings, etchings, sculptures, etc.) living in Nederland.
She was also the leader of Irish choir "An Ancaire" in Zaandam.


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